The Passion in Iraq

Bibles for the Middle East,” by Steve Douglass, Campus Crusade for Christ,, 2004 (from North Korea Times and Crosswalk)

The Sunni Arab insurgency is fighting to keep the rest of the world out. A free Iraq means free minds means choices, and to people like Abu Musab al-Zarqawi that’s deeply troubling. Some define freedom as the freedom from knowledge, temptation, and choice. We define it differently.

The evangelical-Protestant Campus Crusade for Christ, using a traditionalist Catholic film financed by a Australian-born actor, is trying to spread religious connectivity in Iraq’s gap:

In addition, our workers across the entire region are reporting a tremendous surge in spiritual hunger. This is due in part to the release of The Passion of The Christ. The fact that this movie played in some of these places is simply amazing. Officials allowed it because many felt the film would paint Jews in a bad light. But God used even this motive for His glory. Over the past several months, many people finally learned about the sacrifice Christ made for them, and now they’re looking to know more!

Praise God! And other personnel in the area are sharing similar stories of increased spiritual hunger—accounts of pirated DVDs of the movie “selling like hotcakes” in one of the most closed nations on earth, of 1,817 people per day contacting our Communications Centers to find out more about Jesus, and of tens of thousands of letters like these:

“I am a teacher, and I would like to have a video about Jesus Christ … so that I can inform and teach my students. I especially want to show them the life of Jesus Christ and the way of light; the straight way; the way of the good God.”

“Mysteriously, I have dreamed several times about Jesus who looks at me with a smile. The strength of this dream has impacted my heart. The problem is that I have no means of following His path … I want to ask your help to help me become a good Christian, because here in [this closed nation] there is no one to help.”

Please help.