Gagged Hate

Yes, Free Nations Embrace Freedom,” by “DJ,” tdaxp,, 21 December 2004.

DJ’s comment, interpersed with my commentary. I appreciate the time he took to write, and his well composed thoughts.

Yes, free nations embrace freedom. But they do not and should not embrace and allow the hate of others to be publicised through them.

What defines hate? Is it the largest political party in a functioning democracy, like Belgium (which was recently banned)? A second most successful political party in France’s Presidential election (which is commonly accused of racism)? The Pim Fortuyn Block in the Netherlands (which was on track to win the Dutch election, until Pim Fortuyn was assassinated by an eco-terrorist). Comedians in the UK (who may face prosecution for insensitive comments)?

Freedom means freedom for the unpopular. I would not take freedom away from unpopular politicians such as Howard Dean or Pat Buchanan, or even racist ideologues like Tariq Ramadan.

Europe has a long history of giving freedom only to those who agree with governmental actions. They have lost their Empires, the control of the world, and millions of lives as a result.

CNN publishing Osama Bin Ladens speeches isn’t quite the same as a channel dedicated to anti-semetism. Osama bin Laden is a recognised criminal throughout the western, free world and is connected to the Bush administration, or to CNN in no way.

Imagine what the reaction of the world would be if Osama bin Laden appeard as a guest on some Arab TV place, and actively encouraged Muslims to kill more westerners, for example. Would that be acceptable?

An antisemetic television station — such as the BBC or Al-Jazeera? Al Aribiyah Television has invited foremer high-ranking Ba’athis as guests.

If someone’s a criminal, imprison or kill them. But revoking the civil liberties of the unpopular, or muzzling debate, does not create a free world.

A television programme which is in France, or any country for that matter, which spews forth racist ideas frequently is connected to the French media kingdom, as it tolerates such a channel to operate and broadcast out of its borders.

Mr. bin Laden has been a guest of tiresome regularity on Al Jazeera. Before the American election, it broadcasts his threats to states that vote for President Bush. It’s not his speech I have a problem with. It’s the fact he is alive.

I see youre quick to call France a “hateful state” and yet dont even mention that the very foundations of the Hizbollah movement is one of hate.

Of course Hizbollah is hateful. And while Hizbollah’s Jewish death toll well never be close to what France achieved, it is still murder. If France cared about ending the causes of hate they would be helping Israel, now, stamp out terrorism. Imagine how much faster the Anti-Terrorist Barrier could have been built with French help!

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