Republican Elites

Bush team says drug imports too costly,” USA Today,, 22 December 2004 (from Google News).

WASHINGTON – A Bush administration task force recommended strongly yesterday against permitting U.S. citizens to import lower-cost prescription drugs from other countries, saying “it would be extraordinarily difficult and costly” to assure safety.

The finding, while expected, was a blow to advocates of legalizing a practice that is already widespread. Tens of thousands of Americans, particularly seniors who lack a drug benefit through Medicare, have gone to Canada or arranged mail purchases of drugs from that country. The federal government has not stopped most drugs imported for personal use, but the threat of prosecution remains.


The choice? Bankruptcy and/or sickness and/or death for Americans, or “potentially unsafe” remedies?


John L. Kerry

New York Electors Did Not Vote for John F. Kerry: Certificate of Vote, US National Archives,” by Mike Fieschko, Free Republic,, 20 December 2004.

To: Make Fieschko,” by “Brokkanic,” Free Republic,, 20 December 2004.

Oh god, will this nightmare never end?,” by “Placebo,” Democratic Underground,, 22 December 2004.

Current Electoral Vote Totals

For President
George W. Bush 286
John F. Kerry 220
John L. Kerry 31
John Ewards 1

For Vice President
Dick Cheney 286
John Edwards 250
John F. Kerry 1

Fieschko broke the news. Brokkanic did the totals. Placebo, writing


in Oh god, will this nightmare never end? nicely sums up the deseperation of a minority of voters.