!!?,” by “Aaron,” tdaxp,, 10 January 2005.

With incredulity, and without knowing that he would incite a rant, Aaron writes


So you’re applauding that they have no resources to counsel victims of anti-homosexual harassment

Yes, to precisely the same extent that I am happy we have no resources to counsel victims of anti-racist harassment.

Homosexuality, like feminism and racism, is invented. It doesn’t exist historically — most humans have lived and died without its existence, and after it dies humanity will continue on.

Like a great disaster, these calamnities have struck with total disregard for their victims. The shortened and isolated lives of male homosexuals is heartbreaking. Even if your heart is callous, they act as super-spreaders enabling viri to lay waste to great nations.

Fortunately, we live in a world that naturally destroys artificial forces. In human societies “normal” is a very powerful force. Twisted regimes like Imperial Japan or Ba’athi Iraq can teach young men that admiring suicide-kilers is “normal.” If a society wishes to encourage an action, it makes it normal. It normalizes that action. Conversely, a society makes abnormal or denormalizes anything it wishes to destroy.

In New York City, Mayor Guiliani significantly reduced violent crime by persecuting petty offenders. Because the consequences of any run-in with the law were so severe, less people committed petty crimes and so law-abiding became “normal.” In New York State, Attorney General Spitzer is trying much the same with white-collar crime.

Counseling for homosexuals as homosexuals would normalize male homosexuality. The absense of such support denormalizes it. Do I think any significant number of current homosexuals will change, or that their anguish will be lightened by such a denormalization? No, and for the sake of the future, that’s not too relevant, either.

In the parlance of swaydo logic


1. Male homosexuality causes anguish
2. Male homosexuality is optional for a society
3. Denormalization can be used to end any behavior
4. It is right to end behavior that causes anguish


Male homosexuality should be denormalized to end it and lessen anguish


4 thoughts on “Denormalization”

  1. That was pretty cool, you could of almost QED’d your way into hooking up some gas chambers and a few ovens. Maybe instead of making up words we should attempt to deal with homosexuality for what it is…..a “perversion” of a “reproductive” sex drive. Now lets not all get upset because I used the word “perversion”. Maybe homosexuality is a problem. I know that this is probably a very unenlightened attitude. I happen to know quite a few gay people, men and woman, and they don’t seem like the happiest most well adjusted people to me. I know that everyone has their problems but what if (humor me here) sexuality is like hair color….you’ve got blond, black and everything in between? What if gay and straight are a range? What if the enviroment you were raised in affects how you act within the range you were genetically placed in? I know these ideas are not politically correct, however, I can’t help but think that most gay people wish that they weren’t gay, but try desperately to convince themselves and everyone else that its ….okay. What if we sunk more money into research to find out what genes and hormones affect sexuallity and to what degree they are affected instead of pretending that transgendered people are just “misunderstood” and are perfectly “normal” because there is no “normal”. And then we wouldn’t have to make up words like “denormalize”. (also posted on dr.forbush’s site)

  2. I thought I would just make 3 unfounded points with a rainbow (no irony intended) summary point at the end, but I found I had too much to say.

    1. Few people have ever chosen to be gay.
    – A number would like not to be, I’m sure, but usually from societal pressure. Much like you can’t force yourself to be attracted to a man, homosexuals cannot force themselves to be “normal” and be attracted to a woman. I challenge you to find me evidence to the contrary, and the Cato Institute and National Review don’t count. I’ve read accounts of the anguish faced by homosexuals who are attempting to “normalize” themselves, whether through counseling or faith. The Mormons will even find you a wife to help you get back to being “normal.” A fair number of these accounts end with suicide. Homosexuality is not a choice. The anguish caused by homosexuality is the fault of intolerant society. Substitute “black” or “mentally disabled” or “short” into your arguments and hear how disgusting you sound.

    2. Homosexuality is optional for a society.
    – For a society perhaps, but not for an individual. However, there are other entirely optional things to society that I don’t see you rallying against. Let me list them:
    – Biased news.
    – Alcohol.
    – Faith (even if it’s only for the trivia).

    3. Gays have been persecuted a great deal throughout history. It’s not passed on as a genetic trait (that I’ve seen proven, anywhere). Natural selection should have taken care of it by now if it were. Again, few people have chosen to be gay and a large number would rather they weren’t.

    4. You say this, but want to end welfare?

    I am not gay. Homosexuals can even make me uncomfortable. But I have compassion. You don’t care a whit about the plight of these poor souls, and you know it. It’s convenient for you and most of your party to say “it’s for the good of society” That’s just a front for “we don’t understand it, we’re afraid of it, and Jesus, who wrote the Bible, cries when he hears about it”

    Heterosexuals spread disease as easily as homosexuals. The stigma that they’re carriers for HIV/AIDs is a holdover from the 80s, when the disease was misunderstood. The same measure of protection a heterosexual takes can prevent a homosexual from catching / spreading disease. Statistics might support your arguments, but they’d also support the following statements: blacks are criminals, young people are bad drivers, the Pope is Catholic.

    There are those that glorify the lifestyle and seek attention and perhaps some are driven to it by an out of control libido. For them, homosexuality may be a choice. But for the young man who hides something he cannot control, who fears persecution from an intolerant family and society, who tries to find solace in therapy or faith, only to be let down, I think the “opportunity cost” of homosexuality should have driven him to normalcy by now. So why did he kill himself rather than get married, raise 2.5 children, and buy a little white house out in the suburbs?

  3. After listening to the argument from both parties ( the gays and the heterosexuals), I still believes been homosexuals is not biological, but societal. So society can make things right to what is genuinely right… If only we will stop this deceit and call a spade nothing but a spade. Conlusion: Homosexuality is absolutely wrong, every homosexuals suffers from Psychotherapeutic disorder! Quote me!

  4. Olaitan,

    Thank you for dropping by.

    ” I still believes been homosexuals is not biological, but societal”

    In the model of thinking devised by USAF Colonel John Boyd (, cultural traditions, genetic heritage, new information, previous experience, as well as analysis and synthesis all feed into “orientation.” This is true whether the orientation is on the battlefield looking for enemies or sexual looking for love.

    “Genetic” and “cultural” explanations for homosexualism are not mutually exclusive. Both play a part.

    “So society can make things right to what is genuinely right… If only we will stop this deceit and call a spade nothing but a spade.”

    True. Especially considering homosexualism did not exist historically, it is clearly something that can be increased or decreased by society. This may involve, horror of horrors, a non-politically-correct environment at times.

    “Conlusion: Homosexuality is absolutely wrong”

    Your conclusion does not follow from your previous statements.

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