Not Seeing the Sunni Side of Life

Iraq’s leading Sunni religious group boycotts drafting of constitution,” China View,, 2 February 2005 (from UnFairWitness).

Earlier I was worried that Sunni Arab rejectionists might attempt to use the political process to hijack the Constitution.

I was wrong to give them so much credit.

The Muslim Scholars Association, the most influential Sunni religious group in Iraq, refused Wednesday to participate in drafting the country’s permanent constitution, a prior task for the National Assembly (NA) elected last Sunday.

“We cannot participate in the formulating of a constitution under the occupation,” Mohammed Bashar Fadhi, the group’s spokesman told a press conference.

“The Americans try to establish sectarianism in the constitution, and the Association would not accept division
according to the sectarian shares,” he stressed.

“We deeply believe that the constitution written under the occupation would be a reflection of the State Administration Law, which we had already totally rejected, and we would not participate in writing the constitution whatever it costs us,” he added.

Well that solves that!

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