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Accessibility & transparency: should Carly have blogged?,” by Debby Weil, BlogWrite for CEOs,, 10 February 2005 (from The PubSub Pulse).

Debby Weil wonders if HP’s Carly Fiorina would still have a job if she was a blogger

Yesterday’s abrupt news that Carly Fiorina was ousted as CEO of H-P got me to thinking… should Carly have had a blog? BTW, the link on Carly’s name goes to the bio page on H-P’s site where the copy has already been changed to “Former Chairman and CEO.” Don’t write off the blogging idea as ridiculous. Consider…

An Internal Blog
If Carly had had an internal blog (i.e. behind H-P’s firewall and not for public viewing), she might have been able to warm up her apparently chilly and/or distant relationship with many H-P employees. Maybe she could have reestablished some of the collegiality that defined H-P’s culture not so long ago. She might have titled her internal blog “Dateline Carly…” and doled out choice anecdotes about her constant travelling. Maybe she could have blogged about how wonderful it was to fly on the corporate jet and how much she appreciated it. I bet they had great snacks on the plane. Did she have a real bed? She might have shown a photo of it. People *love* this kind of detail, especially when it’s divulged by a celebrity… and it’s pretty harmless info.

The post goes on to compare her to Sun’s Jonathan Schwartz, who does blog.

Of course, there’s still the little matter of the huge publicly traded companies she ruined

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