Geo-Green Perspective,” by Thomas Heckroth, My Side of the Story,, 20 February 2005.

Tom Barnett writes:

Meanwhile, Friedman’s rerunning his get-off-oil op-ed for like the 20th time. Really good stuff showing he’s basically out of ideas since 9/11. He wants to be a serious thinker on security but he doesn’t know how to be. So he shoots for the moon on economics, hoping it sounds really profound. It doesn’t. It sounds like pie in the sky.

TMLutas isn’t much more hopefully

This Geo-Green strategy is one that will put these societies in a corner and when they lash out at us (perhaps in another 9/11?) we’ll have to kill them off. Instead of doing that, we need to lead them out of their current dead end and give the elite an exit strategy that makes lashing out to retain power highly unattractive. I don’t see how $18 a barrel oil is going to get us there.

But as I have written, Tom Friedman’s geo-green strategy is wise. States that do not evolve beyond subsidies, be they government-to-government or God-to-government (natural resources) end up failed states. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are perfect examples of this.

So, I am happy that fellow blogspiriteur Thomas has discovered the movement

Geo-Green is the combination of environmentalism and geopolitics. As Friedman says, “As a geo-green, I believe that combining environmentalism and geopolitics is the most moral and realistic strategy the U.S. could pusruse today.” We have a need to promote environmentalism, which will free us from the stranglehold of Saudi Arabia and other “dealers” we addicts can’t say no to. We have a need to promote economic freedom and a strong global economy inorder to truly transform those same undemocratic nations. When we combine geopolitics and environmentalism we in turn get a focus on human rights, world peace, and the advancement of freedom and liberty.

So to get to the point. Towards the end of Friedman’s Op-Ed he points out that this change of focus must start at the grassroots level, and he asks where the typical leaders, the college students, are. So because of that, I have a desire to stand up and say, RIGHT HERE! I would like to start a group whose focus is to change the debate within this country toward one of the “Geo-Green Perspective”. If there is ANYONE who would like to join me in this effort, please feel free to comment. Send me your thoughts and your ideas. I am in the process of trying to start a student organization here at the University of Iowa. Right now the ultimate vision would be a national non-profit organization, but to get there we must start small and local.

Good luck to you Tom!

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