Illinois Civilly Legalizes Rape (Sharon Irons, MD)

Court: Man Can Sue Over Surprise Pregnancy,” by Carla K. Johnson, Associated Press,, 24 February 2005.

Individual control of the reproductive cycle, schmindividual control of the reproductive cycle

A man who says his former lover deceived him by getting pregnant using semen obtained through oral sex can sue for emotional distress but not theft, an appeals court has ruled.

Dr. Richard O. Phillips accuses Dr. Sharon Irons of a “calculated, profound personal betrayal” six years ago, but she says they had the baby through sexual intercourse.

The Illinois Appeals Court said Wednesday that Phillips can press a claim for emotional distress after learning Irons had used his sperm to have a baby, but agreed that however the baby was conceived, Irons didn’t steal the sperm.

“She asserts that when plaintiff ‘delivered’ his sperm, it was a gift,” the decision said. “There was no agreement that the original deposit would be returned upon request.”

Irons, who practices internal medicine in suburban Olympia Fields, said in a telephone interview Thursday that Phillips knew she was still married during their affair, and also knew she was pregnant with his child.

Phillips then sued Irons, claiming her actions caused him nausea and headaches and robbed him of sleep and his appetite. He is haunted by “feelings of being trapped in a nightmare,” court papers state.

The Illinois Appellate Court still has no info on the case at its site.

She seems to be involved in an HIV test kit, but other than that nothing else is publicly available at this time.

Strange Washington Post Style Review of Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice

Condoleezza Rice’s Commanding Clothes,” by Robin Givhan, Washington Post,, 25 February 2005 (from Democratic Underground).

The story is so astounding, so great, so wonderful, and so bizarre, I’m quoting it in toto

Secretary of State TrinitySecretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived at the Wiesbaden Army Airfield on Wednesday dressed all in black. She was wearing a black skirt that hit just above the knee, and it was topped with a black coat that fell to mid-calf. The coat, with its seven gold buttons running down the front and its band collar, called to mind a Marine’s dress uniform or the “save humanity” ensemble worn by Keanu Reeves in “The Matrix.”

As Rice walked out to greet the troops, the coat blew open in a rather swashbuckling way to reveal the top of a pair of knee-high boots. The boots had a high, slender heel that is not particularly practical. But it is a popular silhouette because it tends to elongate and flatter the leg. In short, the boots are sexy.

Rice’s black high-heel boots: As a fashion statement, absolutely powerful.

Rice boldly eschewed the typical fare chosen by powerful American women on the world stage. She was not wearing a bland suit with a loose-fitting skirt and short boxy jacket with a pair of sensible pumps. She did not cloak her power in photogenic hues, a feminine brooch and a non-threatening aesthetic. Rice looked as though she was prepared to talk tough, knock heads and do a freeze-frame “Matrix” jump kick if necessary. Who wouldn’t give her ensemble a double take — all the while hoping not to rub her the wrong way?

Rice’s coat and boots speak of sex and power — such a volatile combination, and one that in political circles rarely leads to anything but scandal. When looking at the image of Rice in Wiesbaden, the mind searches for ways to put it all into context. It turns to fiction, to caricature. To shadowy daydreams. Dominatrix! It is as though sex and power can only co-exist in a fantasy. When a woman combines them in the real world, stubborn stereotypes have her power devolving into a form that is purely sexual.


Rice challenges expectations and assumptions. There is undeniable authority in her long black jacket with its severe details and menacing silhouette. The darkness lends an air of mystery and foreboding. Black is the color of intellectualism, of abstinence, of penitence. If there is any symbolism to be gleaned from Rice’s stark garments, it is that she is tough and focused enough for whatever task is at hand.

Countless essays and books have been written about the erotic nature of high heels
. There is no need to reiterate in detail the reasons why so many women swear by uncomfortable three-inch heels and why so many men are happy that they do. Heels change the way a woman walks, forcing her hips to sway. They alter her posture in myriad enticing ways, all of which are politically incorrect to discuss.

But the sexual frisson in Rice’s look also comes from the tension of a woman dressed in vaguely masculine attire — that is, the long, military-inspired jacket. When the designer Yves Saint Laurent first encouraged women to wear trousers more than 30 years ago, his reasons were not simply because pants are comfortable or practical. He knew that the sight of a woman draped in the accouterments of a man is sexually provocative. A woman was embracing something forbidden.
Secretary of State Grandma
Rice’s appearance at Wiesbaden — a military base with all of its attendant images of machismo, strength and power — was striking because she walked out draped in a banner of authority, power and toughness. She was not hiding behind matronliness, androgyny or the stereotype of the steel magnolia. Rice brought her full self to the world stage — and that included her sexuality. It was not overt or inappropriate. If it was distracting, it is only because it is so rare.

Update: ZenPundit is not amused. Perhaps his faith in The Economist is misplaced.

Update 2: Riding Sun wonders if Rice just wanted to cosplay Neo.

Update 3: Negrophile is bitterly unimpressed, but does provide us with a technocrati blogwatch link (this and this work, too).

Batoru Rowaiaru 3, Starring Gordon Brown

British minister: EU may fall behind China,” Xinhua,, 25 February 2005 (from Roth Report).


Battle Royale
42 high school students are forced to kill each other on an uninhabited island


Battle Royale 2: Requiem (spoilers within)

Three years after the events in “Battle Royale,” Some Japanese Guy is a well-known terrorist bent on bringing down the government. In response, they order the creation of the “Battle Royale 2” program, and send a class of junior-high students to catch and kill him.


Battle Royale 3: Chancellor of the Extermination

Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown chats with Chinese middle school students during his visit to China’s capital Beijing

A Life Worth Living

‘Precious’ Suffering,” by Christopher Dickey and Rod Nordland, Newsweek,, 28 February 2005 (from The Corner).

Of all Catholic orders, none has done more good than the Society of Jesus. Therefore, to find a Jesuit agreeing with me on this sensitive topic is wonderful

Indeed, as the pope’s weakness becomes more pronounced, critics wonder if the Vatican’s bureaucrats will be doing his bidding, or making up their own policies in their own interests. After all, if John Paul dies or resigns, their own power in the church hierarchy is likely to evaporate. Hence the suspicion with which some theologians view the new doctrines about sustaining terminal patients through extraordinary means. “The right-to-life types want to renounce brain death and keep everyone going forever,” says John Paris, a Jesuit theologian at Boston College who has been writing about end-of-life issues for 30 years. “It seems that Lenin’s mausoleum will be the model for the future. The entire enterprise is mischief-making at the Vatican.”

Not every future is worth creating. Not every life is worth living. While certainly most of history, and most of the Gap today, is biased in the other direction, as society progresses it is important that dedication to the Gospel of Life does not make us lose sight of this fact.