Party of Jackson v. Democratic Underground

Sen. Clinton Urges Punishment For Syria Discussion Thread,” by Devlin Barrett, “chlamor,” et al, Democratic Underground,×1276161#1276340, 1 March 2005.

Al From says Dems must ‘reject Michael Moore and the MoveOn crowd’ Discussion Thread,” by Elizabeth Wilner, “RealDems,” et al, Democratic Underground,×1630278#1630677, 1 March 2005.

Almost as sexy as a Korean phone model, a Super Bowl ad model, or a Secretary of State… a liberal war hawk

Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton called Tuesday for tougher punishment against Syria, saying the country was aggressively supporting terrorism in the “dangerous neighborhood” of the Middle East.

In lambasting Syria, Clinton joined a growing chorus of officials in Washington urging the United States to take a harsher stance against that country following a Feb. 14 bombing in Beirut that killed the former premier of Lebanon.

Both Iran and Syria were cause for alarm, but Clinton said Syria deserved special attention.

“I’ve been particularly troubled by the Syrians’ aggressive posture,” said Clinton. “We need to send a very clear message that we will not tolerate what we believe to be and have reason to know is the continuing support for terrorism that comes out of Syria and Iran.”

Clinton, considered an early front-runner for her party’s nomination to the White House in 2008, has asked the Bush administration to toughen economic sanctions against Syria.

She was followed to the stage by Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who hinted that Syrian President Bashar Assad may find it difficult to hold onto power amid the push for greater democracy in neighboring Lebanon.

Not that DUers are happy about it


Hilary, guess what?
They have room in the Hague for you too. And your cell is being prepared.


We have our own legal system in place to punish war criminals like her when the day comes. And when that day comes I will be celebrating.

Ironically, the paranoid are more civilized. Maybe they believe the rude are sent to Gitmo?


Or a prelude?
To her version of…”The Draft“?

Meanwhile, the call to purge Michael Moore and MoveOn

You’ve got to reject Michael Moore and the MoveOn crowd,” DLC CEO Al From said in an interview about how the Democratic Party should rebuild after 2004. From argued that the anti-war Moore and MoveOn have hurt the party on national security, the issue which he says the party needs to make “central to our cause.” Rank-and-file Democrats “are more like us than MoveOn,” which From called a group of “elites, people who sit in their basements all the time and play on their computers.”


who the hell is this clown ?
I will respect repukes when they respect humanity,till them Al go join the the neocons and admit that you are a clueless sell out<.

And, again, the politely paranoid…

Hell Hath No Party:

My signature line…
says it all about ol’ Al and his ilk.

I have become utterly convinced through the amazing reseach done here by many DUers that the current incarnation of the DLC and its leadership is a backdoor attempt by the RW powers that be to further destroy the Democratic Party of the people, and create one ruling elite under the guise of two parties.

Last but not least, the ever-mandatory “Republicans are Anti-American”


Fuck him. How DARE his corporate appeasement, anti-American
ass, try to devide the party using opposition talking points.

and “Republicans are Nazis” comments


Social Democrat: “Must show more respect for Hitler and Nazi Party”
Thats what Al From sounds like to me. Like a Social Democrat in Weimar Republic Germany urging his party to show Hitler and the National Socialists more respect.

Democratic Underground on Depatriation of Black Babies

Foreigners Adopting More African-American Babies,” by Kimberly Russel, Voice of America,, 1 March 2005.

part of the problem is Americans fear losing their child to birth parents,” by JI7, Democratic Underground,×1273679#1273870, 1 March 2005.

The U.S. State Department says the number of couples adopting American babies from other countries has more than doubled over the last decade. At the same time some Americans don’t adopt babies from other countries, saying there’s a lack of babies up for adoption in the United States. But in reality, there are plenty of American babies who need a home. Most of them are African-American.

Allison Drake and Earl Stroud wanted to adopt a child. For a White baby, they would have had to wait for several years. Allison and Earl live in Ottawa, Canada. They did not have to wait to adopt Ethan, who is from Chicago, Illinois, where more than 80 percent of babies available for adoption are Black.

Increasingly, Black children are finding homes in Germany, France and especially Canada, which puzzles Earl Stroud.

I just don’t understand why American couples go to China and Romania and places like that, when they have kids in their own backyard,” says Mr. Stroud.

My first response was blank silence. And then a statement that must be the rarest in the English language: “Democratic Underground has an insightful post explaining this”:

part of the problem is Americans fear losing their child to birth parents

because of the laws in this country.

that’s why many go overseas to adopt.

those videos of adoptive parents having to return their crying adopted children to the birth parents are very powerful also. nobody wants to go through that.

Exactly right. American justice has consistently made domestic adoption a worse and worse choice. From quasi-genocidal horrors like the Indian Child Welfare Act to Ann Landers-inspired laws making it easy for adoptees to discover birth parents to plain lawsuits, America has enacted high internal tarrifs against adoption.

If multinational adoption prevents flip-flop parents from traumatizing samaritans’ lives, good.

Canuckia Soviet Federated Socalist Republic

PM confused – in general”,” by Gary Dunford, Toronto Star,, 1 March 2005 (from Free Republic).

A funny on the Canucki People’s Republic’s flipflop missle shield strategy.

“Who is this again?”

“Prime Minister Dithers! Canada, the Great White North? I know, it’s quite unlike me to make a decision, but I had no choice. Canada’s air space is over Canada. Our air is our own. We are a sovereign nation. We kept DirecTV out and by golly, we’ll keep the shield out too!”

“What about missiles, sir?”

“No, missiles we probably can’t keep out,” Dithers admits. “Not that I’m thinking there will be any. But if NORAD sees a missile enter Canadian air space, notify me immediately! I have a fax number for you.”

Atrophied Reich Watch

German jobless rate at new record,” BBC News,, 1 March 2005 (from DU).

Remember when German unemployment was higher than any time since the Nazis?

It just got worse

Unemployment in Germany is at record levels
More than 5.2 million Germans were out of work in February, new figures show.

The figure of 5.216 million people, or 12.6% of the working-age population, is the highest jobless rate in Europe’s biggest economy since the 1930s.

The news comes as the head of Germany’s panel of government economic advisers predicted growth would again stagnate.

Speaking on German TV, Bert Ruerup said the panel’s earlier forecast of 1.4% was too optimistic and warned growth would be just 1% in 2005.

Different numbers are being thrown around by different groups, but the news is bad. Germany is going through the same sort of malaise that Thatcher inherited in 1970’s Britain. Berlin’s unemployment reforms may help the problem (they helpd at .5% to the rolls this month), though the weakness of the economy is at the supply end.