Natural and Personal Liberties

US loses cotton fight with Brazil,” BBC News,, 3 March 2005 (from Free Republic).

Senate OKs Medical-Marijuana Bills,” by Steve Terrell, Media Awareness Project,, 3 March 2005 (from Free Republic).

Two great news stories. As the system, a long-term solution Congress put in place to help its short-term battles against protectionists, decree lower prices for consumers

A World Trade Organisation (WTO) appeals body on Thursday upheld an earlier ruling ordering the US to stop the payments to its farmers.

The organisation had found in its initial September ruling that the subsidies violated global trade rules.

Brazil said the US practice depressed world prices and hurt cotton producers both in Brazil and other countries.

The US will now have to bring its cotton subsidies, which wrongly include export credits for producers, in line with global trade rules.

While New Mexico ponders merciful treatment for the sick

one, not two, but three bills that would set up state programs to provide marijuana to patients suffering from certain serious medical conditions won overwhelming bipartisan approval from the state Senate on Wednesday.

If any of the bills makes it through the House and is signed by the governor, patients suffering conditions such as cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, certain spinal-cord damage, epilepsy and HIV-AIDS would be able to use marijuana supplied by the state Health Department.

A spokesman for Gov. Bill Richardson issued a statement that said: “For people who are living in a tremendous amount of pain as a result of life-threatening diseases, this is a treatment that they should be allowed to have.”

Terrific. Two vertical controls — the brick-wall of marijuana laws and the road-block of trade distortions, are attacked.

Tell me the WTO’s protection of natural liberty doesn’t help the Global War on Terrorism. A free and fair playing field means that farmers in developing countries can earn income — not subsidies, not state-welfare, but earned money.

‘s slow progress in personal liberty is potentially even more important. The dream is not just partial decriminalization, but full legalization. Imagine a world where narcoterrorists cannot monopolize narcotics. Imagine the legal systems all throughout the world not subverted by narcomafias. As importantly, imagine a civil society where adults are not infantilized by statist health mullahs.

Hurrah for natural and personal liberties! Hurrah for the World Trade Organization and the Senate of the State of New Mexico!

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