Leaving Nacogdoches

Leaving Nac, East Texas today. No posts until tomorrow evening at the earliest.

Thought: Texas considers itself a country. How does this affect immigrants? Is Texas’s assertiveness contributing to its relative ease in assimilating immigrants, especially when compared against California?

Mindi and Damion, you are good friends. Rob, I love you as a brother.

One thought on “Leaving Nacogdoches”

  1. Texas is one of my favorite states. Its amazing how one state can have so much. The cultures in Dalas/Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Loredo differ from one other so much. Even the landscape changes infront of your eyes in one day. If you are traveling west on the 900 mile stretch of I-20, first as you enter Texas, it looks like Louisiana and Mississippi. Green hills and some Mountains. If you were to travel just a little bit south to Houston, the sight of the Gulf of Mexico is breath taking. Water as far as the eye can see. As you continue west, the scenery gets a little flatter. Its still green, but its all flat view of dairy farms as if it is an ocean. Once you get the farthest western tip of Texas in El Paso, its just desert land. Extremely hot and miserable in the summer/fall seasons. Dirt, rocks, and tumble weeds like you would see in southern Arizona. I love Texas. I know, thats strange coming from an ex-trucker that lives in Tennessee. Besides Louisiana, its my favorite place to vacation.

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