Abortion and Global Roadsterism

This is an important post. I hope I do it justice.

Is this a conservative statement?

Actions taken according to the Way are more productive than actions against the Way.

Translate the Way (tao) as “nature”, and you get:

Actions taken according to Nature are more productive than actions taken against Nature.

Of course it’s conservative. The Revolution and the Constitution were actions taken according to Nature (and Nature’s God), and they are the heart of Americanism.

Now, translate the original word of “Nature” (tao) literally according to John 14:6

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

and you get

Actions taken according to Christ are more productive than actions taken against Christ

and you get a Cosmic and Biblical truism. So where’s this going? Now translate “tao” as Forces of History

Actions taken according to the Forces of History are more productive than actions taken against Forces of History.

Suddenly (for me, a slow-on-the-uptake blogger) the capitulation of the post-War British Conservative Party and the Supreme Court’s recent actions make a lot more sense

Lao Tzu, Founder of Chinese Taoism

Retreating from untenable positions and “going with the flow” is a valid Conservative philosophy. Evolutionary shifting positiosn keeps a culture’s vertical and horizontal controls appropriate to the situation. A king that has eyes but does not see will not make appropriate laws — government and policies cannot be blind to reality.

This is why Conservatives embraced the post-War consensus. It appeared to be a new reality. The unique combination of rapid economic development, the colossal genius of Karl Marx, and the facile specious logic of Lord Keynes was a once in a millennium tragedy. The Conservative approach should have worked, as it did in most other times and places.

And finally, the point. The Conservative approach that ends abortion will be a Supreme Court decision invoking international law.

Mark at Zen Pundit alerted me to the Court’s International Law-yering. My original response, while technically accurate, missed the point. The Court’s actions should be viewed as Conservative. The youth execution case follows a similar logic. This is Global Roadsterism, which attempts to steer American law on a global path.

Was this conservative impulse behind with votes of the liberal justices — Stevens, Souter, Ginsburg, and Breyer? Probably not, and I don’t care. Conservatives control the Court. The liberal justices are merely tools of different Conservative factions.

The Supreme Court of the United States
Global Roadsters Against Deviationism?

And the upshot: this is how most abortions will be stopped in the United States. It is unlike the Neoconservative branch of the court will expand. Men like Scalia, Thomas, and Rehnquist are rare and they are opposed when their intentions are clear. Bush may get away with “saving” these three votes by appointing carbon-copy replacements, but he will not be able to repalce any of the other six like that. The replacement for a Stevens, a Souter, a Ginsburg, or a Breyer will be a Conservative, like O’Conner or Kennedy. A Global Roadster.

Death Punishers are losing the Supreme Court battles because they tide of years is against them. Ever fewer nations and states have capital punishment. The “life” faction appears too strong, too universal, too overwhelming to resist.

Happily, the same universality works against abortion. America has shockingly lose infanticide laws. Even the Europeans don’t kill their children as we do. America stands alone as a butcher of innocents.

In both cases, there is a rights-absolutist faction (“A state has the right to kill because of … “, “A woman has the right to abort because of…”) that faces off against world legal opinoin. In the end, for most cases, both acts will be forbidden.

And the secular hagiography. This is why George Walker Bush is a pivotal world figure. If the United States supported abortion worldwide, as it did under Clinton and would have under Kerry, the pro-life movement would be terribly undermined. The United States has the ability to set the tone for the world. We can affect changes in other countries that change the global legal environment, and so under Global Roadsters will change our legal environment. From the January 22, 2001, when President Bush restored the Mexico City Policy, he was paving the road for a pro-life America.

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