New TV Series: Allawi’s Law

Courtesy PKA:

The Allawi’s Law Season 2 Teaser Script

The teaser is meant to be a bunch of clips from the upcoming season.
Ayad Allawi: One Good Bad Cop

The teaser begins with Allawi chasing some bad guy down the street. As Allawi turns a corner we see a shocked expression on his face. The camera turns and we see the bad guy being cuffed by two regular cops and a female is standing aside looking on at the cuffing. The female lifts her eyes

Female: Good job detective. I’ll take it from here.

Narrator voice over:Condi Rice joins the cast of Allawi’s Law


The next shot is Allawi walking into the police station. He sees one of his bosses, the district commissioner who Allawi never liked.

Allawi: What’s going on?

Narrator voice over: Also staring Paul Bremer.
City Councilman L. Paul Bremer

Bremer: Now that I’m on city council, Rice is your new boss. Have fun. I’ll be sure to tell her all about you.

Bremer and Allawi then try to stare each other down

Next shot is Bremer and Rice in the commissioner’s office

Bremer: Allawi’s a loose cannon. Al Capone with a badge. He’s one mistake away from starting a war. If I were in your position I would cut him loose.

Rice: Really? Then why haven’t you gotten rid of him? Long silence. Maybe because he’s too effective?

Next seen has a man’s back talking on a celephone in the foreground and Allawi walking up from the background. Allawi walks up.

Celephone man: Got to go, he’s here.

Allawi: What was that about?

Camera moves to see behind Allawi’s back.

Narrator voice over: Ahmed Chalabi

But is he workign for internal affairs?

Chalabi: Silent laugh to Allawi’s face.

Next scene is in the break room with Rice and Allawi

Rice: How can I trust you if you are already lying to me? Do you know what city hall wants to do with you? The same thing they did to your partner. Put you behind some bureaucratic desk until you rot.

Allawi looks a picture of his old partner Benjamin Netanyahu. Rice, disgusted, walks out and is immediately stopped by Chalabi.

Chalabi: I think its time we allow Allawi chuckles to himself to have the strike team he always has been wanting.

Rice: Perplexed and just stares at Chalabi

Chalabi: But “allow me” laughs to himself this time to add an additional member.

Next scene is Allawi gearing up. A lieutenant runs up to him.

Lieutenant: Sir, we have a problem. It’s the new guy.

Allawi walks over and sees Chalabi’s addition
Jimmy Carter: The New Cop on the Beat

Narrator voice over: Jimmy Carter

Carter: I am ready to defend freedom.

Allawi has a skeptical/fearful expression on his face

Next shot is a meeting of Allawi’s loyal strike team members at a darken corner of a bar

Lieutenant: It’s the only way sir.

Allawi: But how can we trust Chalabi. If he finds out about the money train we’re all doomed.

Another Lieutenant: Drug money really is the devil’s money.

The final scene shows Allawi beating up a tied down drug overlord.

Muqtada al-Sadr
Narrator voice over: And a special guest appearance by Muqtada al-Sadr.

Allawi: Now, one last time. Where is the mayor’s daughter? Allawi holds a pistol against al-Sadr’s head

Narrator voice over: Allawi’s Law! This fall!

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