Flip-Flop Karami

Lebanon Pro-Syria PM to Stay: Parliament Speaker,” Reuters, 1 April 2005, http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory?id=633013 (from Roth Report).

After quitting, and coming back, and promising to quit again, Flip Flop Prime Minister Omar Karami is now vowing to stay on:

Lebanon’s pro-Syrian prime minister will not step down and will try again to form a unity government to lead the country to elections due in May, the country’s parliament speaker said on Friday.

“Those meeting have unanimously declared their refusal to give up on their demand for a government of national unity lead by Prime Minister Omar Karami,” Nabih Berri told reporters after a meeting of pro-Syrian politicians.

In a move that threatened to delay the polls, Karami had said this week he would resign after failing to persuade anti-Syrian opposition figures to join a national unity cabinet.

Omar Karami? More like Prime Minister Senator John F. Karami.

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