McCain / Thune 2008?

Washington Whispers: Is Anybody Not Running?,” U.S. News and World Report, 11 April 2005, (from South Dakota Politics).

If for no other reasons that to redeem South Dakota (for giving the world George McGovern) and annoy the South Dakota Left (for saying that only Daschle could have clout), this would be great news

We’ve got more names to add to the growing list of 2008 presidential hopefuls. On the Democratic side, pen in Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. Allies say his trip south last week was the first of many to red states where he hopes to push his progressive agenda. On the GOP side, add rookie South Dakota Sen. John Thune, who took down former Democratic leader Tom Daschle . Senior Republicans say he’s being groomed for a veep or even presidential run. Include Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty . Insiders love his record of balancing the budget, boosting education, and protecting the environment. Finally: ousted Environmental Protection Agency chief Christie Whitman , the former moderate New Jersey guv.

John Thune is a social conservative — Democrat Senator Tim Johnson once called Thune’s supporters “The Taliban Wing of the Republican Party.” Thune would be useful if the party nominates someone not from the religious wing, like Senator McCain or Secretary Rice.

(I’ve said that I don’t want McCain as President, but McCain / Thune would assure me. A Thune pick would show that McCain has sympathy for the Right. Additionally, John is a good guy and immune to charges of hypocrisy.).

Of course, if a movement conservative like Governor Bush wins the ’08 primaries, then Thune would become redundant.

Bush/Rice or McCain/Thune in ’08
Either ticket would be great

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