Vote Labour

That Special Relationship,” new Sisyphys, 8 April 2005, (from Dawn’s Early Light).

The Conservative Party may win power in Britain. They must be stopped. The British must vote for Tony Blair and give Labour it’s first three-term administration in history.

The fact is that the Tories have always had more than a strong element of anti-Americanism in its ranks. This fact, along with the natural opportunism of an opposition poised to take advantage of the governing party’s support for a deeply unpopular war, has bred a new sort of Conservatism. The kind that can rise in Parliament and ask the Prime Minister “how many Iraqi women and children must die before the Americans have their vengeance in Falluja.”

There is a reason Michael Howard, the Conservative leader, has not been invited to the White House, as have virtually all of his predecessors. Nor was the Conservative Party delegation given a very warm welcome back at the RNC in 2004. Riven by incompatible positions on the only question that matters—that of Europe—the Conservatives have become a party of mush that offers nothing except platitudes and snarky comments.

We never thought we would say this, but……

British friends: please vote for the socialist.

Tony Blair is a social Leftist, but he’s no socialist

  • Wise tax and budget policies have continued Britain’s economic revival, which was started under Margaret Thatcher. He is the Bill Clinton to her Ronald Reagan
  • Tony Blair has restored the privileges and traditions of many ancient regions and kingdoms. Under him the Scottish Parliament has met for the first time in centuries, and local revivals are occuring in Wales and Cornwall. Tony Blair has done more for federalism local control than President Bush ever did.
  • Tony Blair courageously stood with America in the Gulf War, and was instrumental in getting a majority of European nations to ally with the United States.

Vote for the right candidate. Vote Labour.

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