Benedict XVI Blog Roundup (St. Malachy Right Again)

The Future and the Popes,” by Ronald Conte Jr., Catholic Planet, 14 November 2004, (from Trunews).

What Name Will the Next Pope Take?,” by Steev, Wooden Spoon, 3 April 2005,

Papal Punditry,” by Emmanuel, Emmanuel Schiff and the Masters of the University, 4 April 2005,

Basically a Coup d’Etat for Pope Selection,” by Thomas Barnett, Thomas P.M. Barnett :: Weblog, 19 April 2005,

Benedict XVI is now the Pope of the Catholic Church. Noted geostrategist, Roman Catholic, and liberal hawk Tom Barnett is very, very critical

Ratzinger, John Paul II’s enforcer, basically pulled off an insider succession. This is such a bad thing for the Catholic Church, I am almost speechless.

What an amazingly bad pick. Ratzinger is the Chernenko coming on the heels of enfeebled Brezhnev. Complete step backward that history will blame on John Paul II and his sorry management of church in 1990s and 2000s until his death. The regent assumes the throne.

Until a real New Core or Gap pope succeeds Ratzinger (he should just go with Pope Ratzinger I), the papacy will declline in global relevancy to an amazing degree. I blame JP II for this outcome. That man’s intransigence will end up costing us plenty, and him most of his legacy.

Searching technocrati for brought up a few kinda-correct predictions, and one prophesy

First, Emmanuel tried to guess the personal and reign of the pontiff after John Paul II

And the nominees are:

1. German Cardinal Ratzinger (%50)
2. Nigerian Cardinal Arinze (40)
3. Italian Cardinal Dionigi Tattamanzi (30)
4. Brazillian Cardinal Hummes (20)
5. Belgian Cardinal Danneels (10)
Three runners-up that will give me one point if elected (at least to save face): Frenchman Lustiger, Hundurian Maradiaga or Italian Battista Re.

Names (if I’m wrong about the numbering, only the name itself counts):

1. Gregory XVII (%50)
2. Innocent XIV (40)
3. Leo XIV (30)
4. John Paul III (20)
5. Gelasius III (10) – in case an African is elected, he may name himself after the last African pope.
Runners-up (one point each): Clement XV, Benedict XVI or Adrian VII.

So 51%. Not bad.

Steev uses a more prosiac explanation

With the passing of Pope John Paul II today or yesterday (depending on where one is in the world), the question arises of what name the next pope will take.

I was discussing the matter a few days ago with a friend, who happens to be named Benedict. For no better reason than that, I propose Benedict XVI.

Meanwhile, some relied on the prophesy of Saint Malachi

Pope #111 on St. Malachy’s list is given the phrase: “From the Glory of the Olive.” This prophetic phrase has several meanings which correctly apply to the next Pope after John Paul II.

Some say that this prediction of St. Malachy, “From the Glory of the Olive,” refers to the Order of St. Benedict, because they have a well-known group within their order called the ‘Olivetans.’ There is some merit to this idea. But it does not mean that this Pope will come from the Order of St. Benedict, but rather that he will take the name of Saint Benedict and will live in imitation of him.

The next Pope after John Paul II will take the name Pope Benedict XVI, in imitation of Saint Benedict and also of Pope Benedict XV.

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