Dayton: John Kerry Will Run in 2008

Kerry’s Minnesota visit may have wider purpose,” by Rob Hotakainen, Minneapolis Star Tribune, 22 April 2005, (from Democratic Underground).

Senator Mark Dayton, a man who tired 8-time loser Bob Shrum as a campaign advisor before bailing out of a reelection race, says John Kerry will run again for President in 2008

As Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry and his wife prepare to visit Minneapolis on May 3, Sen. Mark Dayton said he has little doubt that Kerry is planning to run for president again in 2008.

When New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton attended the DFL Humphrey Day Dinner in Minneapolis less than two weeks ago, Dayton, D-Minn., told the crowd he hoped he was introducing “the next great president of the United States of America.”

Two days later on the floor of the U.S. Senate, Dayton said Kerry approached him “with daggers in his eyes and said, ‘What are you doing endorsing my 2008 presidential opponent?‘… He was very serious.”

Of course, Dayton may not be reliable. The “quote” seems clunky. And as he’s also busy attacking Kerry

Asked about his support for Kerry last year, Dayton laughed and replied: “As Winston Churchill once said, I’d rather be right than consistent.”

Dayton is cosponsoring Kerry’s bill, but he appeared to criticize Kerry when he first recounted his interaction with him on the Senate floor during a weekend interview with KTCA-TV’s “Almanac.” In the interview, Dayton said that “any politician that embraces children clearly has some motive beyond that, because otherwise they would be doing something about it rather than talking about it.”

John Kerry in 2008? Let’s hope. That’d actually give Gingrich a shot!

4 thoughts on “Dayton: John Kerry Will Run in 2008”

  1. Kerry is a memember of Skull & Bones like the clown we have in office. He is part of the bigger group that runs the world. That would be the global elite. You can trace the money in this world to 5- 6 famlies. These are the real leaders of thr world; Elections are fxed. Gore won in 2000, but the supreme court said no and Bush wins. Flordia was amess and 2000, Ohio was a mees in 2004
    This means Bush is not really the true elected president, but sheep follow and no gives a shit

  2. Dave,

    While most independent recounts and analyses show that Bush was the rightful winner in Florida 2000, you raise a good point about the social closeness of much of our political leaderhip. It was well reported that Howard Dean’s and George Bush’s grandmothers were closer friends, etc.

    A northeast political-media establishment used to control almost everything that mattered. While its influence is considerably less now, it is far from dead. Bush and Kerry’s co-membership in Skull & Bones is a symptom of this, whether then evidence of illumanati invisible empires.

    Mark at ZenPundit has done some great writing on this

  3. My comment about this idiot Kerry is this!

    If you can elect someone as incompetent as him then where is this country headed? What would Kerry have done about the attack, how would he deal with all that has happened? I would bet nothing, but on the other hand, I cannot say because he was not put there.

    Anyway Gore did not win, he his party members were just crying and tried to find a way. How can you even say he won. Why because they forced a recount. What about the ballots that had dead peoples names on them voting for Gore and what about the double votes. Are you telling me this is fare? I believe in Bush and think he is doing an impeccable job with what he has to deal with.

  4. Eric,

    On foreign policy, Kerry’s problem would have been his Francophilia and Europhilia. France, as a Realist power, is a natural antagonist of the United States too often to be taken seriously as a partner. More broadly, the declining influence of the Western European States (France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc), makes Kerry’s old-world perspective quaint.

    Bush has often make mistakes: not quickly setting up a friendly government in Iraq, for example. Yet he has been a very solid President. I’m glad he’s there at 1600 Pennsylvania.

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