Hu What Happened (Textbook Controversy in Perspective)

China, Hu’s your daddy?,” by Thomas Barnett, Thomas P.M. Barnett :: Weblog, 21 September 2004,

While researching my Asia by Barnett article for Simon World, I came across this half-year-old post by Tom Barnett

Good news finally on the Chinese leadership front. When Jiang Zemin gave up his control over the military yesterday, the 3rd generation of leadership truly left the stage. Now, Hu Jintao has more control at an earlier age than any leader since Mao, which suggests that the 4th generation’s run of leadership will be a vigorous one.

But don’t see danger for the U.S. necessarily rising in this pathway, because remember that it’s Hu who is pushing the theory of the “peacefully rising China.” Indeed, most experts expect Hu to now be able to chart a more flexible course with Taiwan and Hong Kong since Jiang won’t be around any more to trump him with calls of being a soft nationalist. You want a sense of who Hu is? Remember his response on SARS. China did the usual cover-up until Hu stepped forward and forced a level of transparency unseen before in Chinese history. Doesn’t make him a perfect guy, but it means his instincts are good, such as his focus on the rural poor in China.

Overall, this is a very good sign for the future of the Core.

So how can we combine China’s childish hypocrisy response to the Japanese textbook controversy, especially with combined with Japan’s political genius?

One explanation would be: China wants closer ties to Japan, and establishing a “hard line” now gives Hu the flexibility to do it later. Hu may figure that, just as only Nixon could go to China, only an anti-Japanese Populist can cement long-term security between Nihon and China.

4GPS2: Structural Network Attacks and Antihomosexualism

Gay group wants award back from Microsoft,” by Kim Peterson, Seattle Times, 23 April 2005, (from Democratic Underground).

I have written about the Fourth Generation of Modern Politics and 4GP: Stage One. 4GPS1 can involve node takedown — the political assassination of members of enemy networks. I used the Democrat netroot’s attacks on Tom Delay as an example. Once a peaceful insurgency has built up enough strength, it moves into 4GPS2: Contesting the Enemy Network.

4GPS2 involves attacks that try to structurally degrade the enemy network. The example for this is the fallout from the successful attempt to make Microsoft abandon 1515 — a homosexualist rights bill.

Microsoft’s public-relations troubles intensified yesterday as news spread that the company had withdrawn support for state legislation banning discrimination against gays and lesbians.

The legislation, House Bill 1515, was voted down Thursday by a single vote in the state Senate, prompting frustration and anger that continued to build yesterday among some gay-rights activists.

The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center asked Microsoft yesterday to return an award it gave the company in 2001, saying the company is no longer worthy of its highest corporate honor. The center had given Microsoft its “corporate vision award,” which it bestows on one company every year.

Also yesterday, national lobbying group Human Rights Campaign sent a letter to Microsoft expressing disappointment with the company.

John Aravosis, who has been covering the issue on his Web log after the news of Microsoft withdrawing support was broken by local alternative newsweekly The Stranger, said some people still remember a boycott organized by gays and lesbians against Coors beer in the late 1970s. The boycott reportedly stemmed from Coors’ moves to screen out prospective employees who were gay.

As comments on Democratic Underground, this is an alienation strategy for homosexualist activists — exactly the wrong sort of strategy in Fourth Generation Peace.

At the beginning of the homosexualist rights Fourth Generation Politic, around 2001, both sides could be thought of as roughly equal network strength. Both were insurgencies against the legal status quo, which was decided non ideological.

Two Opposing 4GP networks
Each is in 4GPS1, and unable to truly change the other

Microsoft’s abandonment of 1515 was a dilemma for the pro-homosexualist camp. Do they shrug this off, and take the losses? Or do they fight, and risk splintering their network (what Pope Benedict XVI might call “shrinking the faith to strengthen the faith”)?

They chose the latter. Dumb.

Two Opposing 4GP Networks
An enemy 4GPS2 attack has caused two nodes to become neutral (“yellow”)
Additionally, retaliation has made one node friendly to the Enemy (“purple”)
Additionally, severed relationships has structurally harmed the network

One network is closer to closer to 4GPS3, and “winning.” Its enemy it closer to obliteration and irrelevance.

4GPS1: Node Takedown and the Politics of Personal Destruction

‘Reactive’ Politics,” by Hunter, Daily Kos, 23 April 2005,
by Hunter
Sat Apr 23rd, 2005 at 20:15:12 PDT

Earlier I wrote about the 4GP: the fourth generation of modern politics or modern peace. 4GP has three stages

  1. Terrorize Enemy Network while building your Network
  2. Contest Enemy Network
  3. (Peacefully) Control Governmental Policy

This allows a peaceful ideological network to grow from a scattered collections of individuals to a ruling idea-governed party.

The “Politics of Personal Destruction” is a classic 4GPS1 tactic

That means, for example, making the exposure of the multi-headed DeLay chain of corruption a primary goal of Democratic strategists — and more importantly, it means following the money trail back to every single one of the House members that have been sucking at that trough. It means embracing the politics of personal destruction, until such point as it loses its Rovian charms for the other side. It means following the continuing fiasco of far-right religious conservatives demonizing everyone around them in a Taliban-like insistence that the religions you, and I, and most of America share are Wrong, and theirs — only theirs — is Right…

So be reactive, and be personal, and be tuned to respond to each outrage en masse. Maybe, after a year or two or three in which the Democrats prove themselves to be capable of the same kinds of warfare as the Republicans, the moderates in this world can spank the children, send them home, and start governing like adults again.

Some of the article veers into Stupid Party rhetoric, but the article specifically advises 4GPS1

  • Terrorize the enemy network
  • Respond with a distributed network

The politics of personal destruction — node takedown — has no chance of altering the structure of the enemy network. It’s like randomly zapping web sites off the internet — it wouldn’t effect the sustainability of the internet. But it nusances the enemy network, grows the home network’s reputation, and hopefully allows the movement to grow into 4GPS2.

The Top-Level of a Not-Fully-Connected 4GP Network
Even with Supernodes, Node Takedowns Do No Structural Harm

Unless the Democrat Party shifts significantly to the Clinton Right, this is their best hope. The ideological Republican Party has nearly succeeded in 4GPS3: they have the executive and legislature, and almost have the courts. The Democrat netroots are a classic Fourth Generation Peace insurgency. Let’s hope they fail.