Not the Best Day Ever

Less than good day today. Great breakfast with JPA at Denny’s, but after that things went downhill. Hassles include

  • Job interview was nothing like expected. Money overhead comment: “I guess I’m fired because I was arrested, right?”
  • Argued with Cellular One for 150 minutes to get some money refunded. It was successful — but two and a half hours!. (At least they are better than Verizon!)
  • Realized a package I’ve been looking forward to almost certainly got lost in the mail.

But at least…

New John Bolton Scandal Emerges

Bolton Roid Rage: Did Canseco Inject Nominee?,” by Scott Ott, ScrappleFace, 22 April 2005, (from One Free Korea).

A funny.

Republican members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee revealed today that they have stalled the confirmation of John Bolton as U.N. Ambassador to investigate claims by Jose Canseco that the former Major League Baseball slugger had injected Mr. Bolton with steroids on several occasions.

If Mr. Canseco’s allegations prove true, it would help to explain Mr. Bolton’s oft-reported bouts of rage, and perhaps engender sympathy from Senators who would see his anger as a medical issue rather than a personality defect.

In addition, it would provide Congress with another welcome opportunity to engage in America’s national legislative pastime, which is probing steroid abuse.