Global War on Terrorism or Global War on Drugs

US arrests Afghan ‘heroin baron’,’ by Jeremy Cooke, BBC News, 25 April 2005, (from Democratic Underground).

What’s more important? Not having Islamist murderers kill pilots, hijack planes, and crash them into buildings? Or “saving” you for your own stupid decisions?

The government’s chosen for you

An Afghan man regarded by the US as one of the world’s most wanted heroin traffickers has been arrested, American officials have announced.

Federal prosecutors say the arrest of Bashir Noorzai on US territory will be a severe blow to the Afghan drug trade.

A US federal indictment alleges Mr Noorzai has been at the centre of a multi-million dollar heroin operation.

He is expected to appear in a federal court charged with conspiring to import heroin worth $50m (£26m).

Afghan Businessman Arrested by American Authorities

So instead of legalizing the drug-cash exchange, and allowing people to treat their bodies as they will, we make criminals out of Americans, Afghans, and everyone in between.

With policies like this, we risk shoving rich drug barons into the hands of our enemies.

But they also believe that the arrest may have wider implications, claiming that Mr Noorzai had close links with the Taleban and had used drug money to supply Islamic militants with arms and explosives.

Too late.

How many American soldiers will die to keep American drug users from Afghan drug suppliers? Because they sure are now.

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