The Grooming of John Thune

Behind The Scenes Photos,”, 1 April 2005, (from CCK)

What to make of this?

Marine General John Sattler (Commanding General, I Marine Expeditionery Force [Fallujah]), Laura, and U.S. Senator and Mrs. John Thune (R-SD) talk before the concert on April 1, 2005 at Camp Pendleton.

South Dakotans don’t care about California trips. His peers in the Senate don’t either. What office requires hooking up with influential Republicans from around the country while establishing a national profile?

John Thune is being groomed for running as a Vice Presidential candidate in 2008.

Thune would be a great balancer for McCain, Giuliani, or any other Republican weak on “religious” issues. Senator Thune, besides being a giant-killer, is deeply popular with the religious Right.

John Thune is not the only option for GOP Vice President in 2008. But the party wants him to be a very strong option.

Update: Now The Hotline notices, too. CCK was still first.

7 thoughts on “The Grooming of John Thune”

  1. It's just too bad that Thune can't make himself a candidate for 2008 by setting a great example of getting things done for South Dakota.

  2. Networking is a significant part of modern politics. Few people are elected to higher office based on report cards.

    I guess one could criticize Daschle for spending his time touring small counties instead of working in DC more, but he did it for similar reasons. Perhaps if Daschle had spent more time building a popular base nationally rather than building a patronage system loyally, he would be Chief Executive now.

  3. John is a great example for the next Vice President. John gets things done for South Dakota and he knows exactly what to done!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey Karen,

    I like John a lot. When I worked for the state government I had the pleasure of meeting other workers who interacted with him before his political career. They all spoke very highly of the man.

    His problem in getting the Vice Presidency should be a lack of international experience. Obama is equally weak in this area. However, of all the candidates who might pick him for political reason, McCain and Giuliani seem the most likely bets. He would be redundant for a Romney, an Allen, etc.

  5. This note is in response to Dan’s of 28 APR.

    Dan missed the point entirely and drew the wrong conclusion about Tommy Daschle. Tom lost because the voters of South Dakota fired him. We (yes…I am a South Dakotan and a voter) feel strongly in the Dakotas that politicians can be fired as easily as they are fired (e.g. George McGovern).

    Tom spent too much time in DC and not enough time at home

    He paid for it with his political career, but no tears, he now lives and works in DC earning what one can assume is a princely sum and his former contituents and he have parted company to the benefit of both.

    John Thune on the other hand, keeps his family in South Dakota, his friends close, and his ties to his contituents even closer.

    We are lucky to have him and look forward to great things from him in the future.

  6. Doug’s post is well-thought-out.

    My only disagreement is that the voters do not speak in one voice, but form coalitions and factions that vote for or against a candidate. Clearly, Tom generated a lot of hostility in his career as Senator, and didn’t make as many friends as he needed.

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