Minnesota House to Pedophiles: Dead Boys Tell no Tells

House passes sex offender penalties,” by Don Davis, The Forum, 29 April 2005, http://www.in-forum.com/articles/index.cfm?id=90202§ion=News.

No comment on the law itself. Just a post on Minnesota’s soon-to-be-bloody encounter with the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Pedophiles should be castrated, the Minnesota House decided Thursday.

Representatives also voted to place labels identifying sex offenders on their driver’s licenses and vehicle license plates and to send the worst sex offenders to prison for life.

The House bill doubles most sex offender sentences. Those who do not get mandatory life sentences would be released only when a new parole board feels they no longer present a threat to society.

Sex offenders would be sentenced to life if they commit the crime with torture, with kidnapping with a victim younger than 13 or older than 70 or with more than one victim.

It will lead to less sexually abused children. This law will lead to more murdered children. It is up to Minnesotans whether that is a good deal or not.

If the Minnesota House gets it way, the punishment for sexual abuse will in many cases be greater than the punishment for murder. (There is no chemical castration for murderers, in spite of the fact that testosterone is postively correlated to violence.) This both strongly discourages pedophilia while strongly encouraging pedophiles to murder their victims. (Dead boys cannot testify.) Additionally, it will decreasing reporting of family members, as the law would cause much more family trauma than already exists.

If Tradesports had a “young children raped and murdered” futures market for Minnesota, I’d buy as many shares as I could and become a rich man. And if they had a “young children raped” in Minnesota futures market, I’d sell that short. But pedophilia seems to be a compulsion, so I wouldn’t short by as much.

Again, no comment on the law itself. The legislators clearly aren’t thinking it out, but the law’s wisdom is independent from theirs.

Personal note: In my small town where I grew up, we later discovered that my doctor was a pedophile. This issue involves real problems which should have real solutions. Few are offering any.

Update: Riehl World ponders a similar proposal in New Jersey.

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