The Clumsy Politics of Personal Destruction

James Dobson,” Clean Cut Kid, 2 May 2005,

I’ve written before on the proper use of the politics of personal destruction (4GPS1 Node Takedown). It serves the same purpose that assassinations do in 4GWS1: harm the enemy network by removing important members while building up renown.

Given that, what to make of CCK’s stab at personal destruction

Sometimes I don’t know why I even bother with these ridiculous organizations — this one in particular is Focus on the Family, run by James Dobson — that are funded and managed by extremist zealots. But it comes down to my faith. I am sick and tired of these groups taking my religion and distorting it to an unrecognizable pile of crap. I am tired of groups like Focus on the Family and people like James Dobson and Jerry Falwell using Christianity to forward a political agenda that is in so many ways un-Christian. I drive me so crazy that these people think they have a monopoly on Christian behavior when often their own behavior can easily be viewed as just the opposite.

James Dobson believes in the use of beatings as discipline on children as young as 18 months. Dobson has used the discipline he used with his dog to illustrate the “correct” way to discipline a child.

Clumsy, clumsy, clumsy.

What is CCK trying to accomplish? Clearly its not reporting the truth, as his post is full of distortions. If it’s node takedown, then he fatally dilutes the effort by criticizing the entire bureaucracy (the point is to alienate the node from his subnet, not glue them together). Maybe it’s just to scare fellow liberals into line, but that’s 2G politics and foolish besides: there are more Republicans than Democrats in South Dakota, so attackign the GOP through nonideological massess plays to the Republicans’ strengths.

My guess: CCK doesn’t know what he is doing.


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