Syria-ously Pro-Iraq

Syria signals change in policy toward Iraq,” Associated Press, 1 May 2005, (from Blogs for Bush).

American-Iranian agent given high-ranking Iraqi government job? Check.

Iranian client state open relations with American-Iranian client state? Check.

American-Iranian Connectivity continues to grow…

Syria announced plans to restore diplomatic relations with Iraq more than two decades after ties were severed, boosting regional hopes for securing borders and signaling a willingness to change its policy toward the violence-torn country.

With Iraq’s neighbours concerned that violence and ethnic instability in Iraq could spread throughout the region, they pledged on Saturday to cooperate with Iraq’s newly elected government on “overall border security.”


But Syria’s decision to re-establish ties after 23 years of severance could be key to easing the insurgency in Iraq and boosting regional security, given Syria’s 310-mile (499-kilometer) shared border with Iraq and its strong ties with Iraq’s Sunni tribes, analysts said.

It’s almost as if America and Iran is trading something for something Almost as if America wants stable Shia regimes around the Persian Gulf.

If only some blogger had predicted this…


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