British Election Blogging

The BBC feed is fascinating (hat-tip Drudge).

Among other thoughts

  • They speak better English than the Brits on The Office
  • Computer animations — actually pretty effective
  • BBC interviewers can be jerks to government officials.

    “Your government did it!”
    “All other parties supported us!”
    “So it’s their fault, not yours, eh?”

  • Making all the candidates for a seat stand in a line while the results are read seems petty
  • The George Bush parody was high-larious. Best quotes: “Tony Blair and Charley Brown are going to sock it to the King’s men!” and “It’s like the United States of Britainland over here!”
  • The Official Monster Raving Loony Party is a real party with real candidates.
  • Lib-Dems are trying to decapitate the entire Conservative Shadow Cabinet. Good luck Lib-Dems!

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