Liberal and Conservative Intra-Connectivity

No Romney in 2008?: Dean’s Debacle,” by Robert Novak, Townhall, 7 May 2005, (South Dakota Politics).

Confessions of a Listener,” by Garrison Keillor, The Nation, 23 May 2005, (from South Dakota Politics).

Conservatives trump liberals in financial connectivity to their party

Democratic National Committee (DNC) fund raising under the chairmanship of Howard Dean shows a disappointing $16.7 million raised in the first quarter of 2005, compared with $34 million reported by the Republicans.

That tends to confirm dire predictions by old-line Democratic fund-raisers of a fall-off in money if Dean became chairman. He had promised to bring in heavy individual contributions, as he did in his 2004 campaign for president. But the DNC in the first quarter received only $13 million from individuals, compared to $31 million for the Republican National Committee (RNC).

Conservative trump liberals in rhetorical connectivity to each other. To quote Garrison Keillor

The reason you find an army of right-wingers ratcheting on the radio and so few liberals is simple: Republicans are in need of affirmation, they don’t feel comfortable in America and they crave listening to people who think like them. Liberals actually enjoy living in a free society; tuning in to hear an echo is not our idea of a good time.

In other words, they constantly affirm the message.

Now, remembering also conservatives have a 3:2 advantage over liberals, which ideological network is stronger

From the left?


Or the right?


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