The Clinton-Gingrich Plan

Clinton, Gingrich Unite on Health Care,” by Devlin Barrett, Associated Press, 11 May 2005, (from Democratic Underground).

I blogged on Next Gingrich’s medical-industry reforms earlier, as well as Hillary Clinton’s good ideas, so this is a natural development

Longtime political foes Newt Gingrich and Hillary Rodham Clinton joined cheerfully Wednesday to promote legislation on health care changes, joking that some might view it as a sign of a soon-to-come doomsday.

Clinton, D-N.Y., and Gingrich, the former Republican House speaker, appeared outside the Capitol to promote a bill that would modernize medical record-keeping.

The bill — one long-in-coming that moves more record from paper to digital networks — is as boring as it is bi-partisan and important.

Proponents of the measure being offered in the House by Reps. Tim Murphy, R-Pa. and Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., say the bill would greatly reduce the 98,000 estimated U.S. deaths a year caused by preventable medical errors such as misreading a prescription.

Which doesn’t stop Newt from his trademark rhetoric — which is right this time!

Paper kills,” said Gingrich. “This is not complicated. If you see paper in the health system, it risks killing people.”

Plus, this will be a political affair to remember


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  1. You're oversimplifying here. After each major electoral loss, there are multiple organizations that try to take over the losing political party. The conservatives fought it out with the “Eastern establishment” for a couple of decades. In the middle was the Republican party infrastructure much as Demnet is the target here.

    I would submit that an earlier generation organization is much more likely to survive multiple competing 4GW assaults than one alone.

  2. TM: Thanks for the comment. I think we agree.

    There was a ideological “conservative” takeover of the Republican party. A party was reoriented and reharmonized by a networked insurgency.

    While numerous factions fought for control of the Republican Party, they congeled. Because each was most concerned about forward movement in its area, and willing to let the other factions do what they want, a “coherent enough” worldview of social conservatism, free marketing, and globalization seized the party. So the victorious 4GP assaults were not competing but harmonizing.

    Like in any 4th Generation struggle, victory takes decades. In Whitman, Jeffords, and maybe Chaffey, we are seeing the exhaustion and despair of any establishment defeated by 4G insurgents.

    I hadn't thought about survivability of early-G networks when faced with contradictory 4G assaults. I would guess that a 1GP net faced with competing 4GP nets would be very vulnerable, as each might conquer and fortify only part of the network. We see dawn shadows of this in 1860, where the 1GP Democrat Party was torn apart by “passions.” To use different generations, the 2GW Italian army fell to opposing American and German 3GW forces. Likewise the 2GW Bosnian force immediately collapsing to 4G Muslim, Serb, and Croat warriors.

  3. It's funny that you use Sorros as the example of a network takeover that might happen when the Christian Right take over of the Republican Party has already happened…

  4. Dr. Forbush,

    I mostly agree. The Neocons and Theocons seem to the the core of an ideological alliance that has both the fighting-power and staying-power for world-struggle.

    Likewise, the religious right's combination of Fourth-Generation ideological networks with Pre-Modern family networks (which together make church groups) is very powerful.

    It would be interesting to examine the takeover of the GOP.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  5. Maybe not Illuminati, but definitely INWO (the Illuminati New World Order) trading card game ( My God that is fun! I only played it a few times while in undergrad, but I had a blast every time. We would play in the union, or even in the common area of a floor on a dorm none of us lived on.

    Wow! I haven't rememberd that for years!

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