Rejected tdaxp Banners

Why is the tdaxp icon, and my gravatar, a Presidential Seal with a burning Constitution?

Icon: “Fire”


Because my friend Aaron made it up to mock my conservative sympathies. And also because the tdaxp Art Department wasn’t up to snuff.

Icon: “Arab Condemnations”


It’s brilliant. It’s eye catching. It exudes casual punditry and angry condemnations. But it also suggests that tdaxp will take “insurgent-style politics” a bit too far. Plus, Lounsbury already has a lock in the Angry-American-with-Mid-East-Motif market.

Status: Rejected

Icon: “Master Chief TDAXP”


Thrown together by Rob. The Confederate Banner in the background features the faces of Howard Dean and former Democrat Leader Senator Tom Daschle (D-SD). It references Dean’s (sane) suggestion that Democrats try to win the vote of folks who remember Dixie with Dean’s (insane) comment that “America won’t always have the strongest military.”

Status: Rejected

Icon: “Khanate of the Crimea”


The most sentimental choice. Years ago I ran, and the old site was mirrored on my old USD webspace while I was a student there. Khanate was a mirthful attempt to spoof a telecom service provider that was also the front for a separatist organization. It was part of the larger Paedia webspace, which may have hosted the world’s first blog (Progress @ Paedia). An irate reader gave me my first death threat. He threatened to kill my family too. The FBI got involved.

Status: Rejected

Icon: “tdaxp geometric”


The weird shape was outputed by a map-generation program I wrote during its development. I spent a solid month of work on that program, and it was the part of my thesis A Computer Model of National Behavior I was happiest working on. But combined with my old Enron (in every sense of the word — super-motivated, super-intense, super-crooked) employer, work on my thesis burned me out of programming.

Status: Rejected


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