Fiddling for Health Care

Waiting for C.E.O.’s to Go ‘Nuclear’,” by Matt Miller, New York Times, 18 May 2005,

This New York Times article on CEOs is a good springboard for a health care post

The consuming Senate slugfest over judges (vital as they are) proves how Washington remains determined to fiddle while our biggest problem burns: a broken health care system that threatens working families and national competitiveness.

The “consuming Senate slugfest” is Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)’s shut-down of the Senate. Not allowing committees to meet — effectively saying “No!” to every issue – is typical of the Democrats since Daschle’s (D-formerly of SD) leadership. Republicans like Newt Gingrich have plans for health care. Democrats like Hillary Clinton also have ideas.

But does the Senate Democrat leadership? Of course not.

They are determined to fiddle while a great problem burns.

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