The Coming Conservative Academy

I was discussing the filibuster compromise with a fellow blogger in a private email, and I implied that the conservative movement is approaching Full Spectrum Dominance. The response was short and powerful

you forgot the universities…we don’t even have a toe-hold there

I didn’t mention it, but I didn’t forget it. Academia will be Conservative.

Because the text was lifting from an email, it is more first person than my usual writing.

There are three stages to a guerrilla movement based on ideas — sometimes called “Fourth Generation War.” Mb

The first stage is building up a network by spreading horror stories and agitation/propaganda. We are currently doing that

The last stage is conventional, head-on attacks. Because we control territory (the White House, specifically) we can attack academia this way too.

Bush has shown a genius for these sorts of “waterfall attacks,” where victories in one area are invested in another struggle.

Using a combination of guerrilla tactics (talking up the bias of academia) and convention efforts (changing basic rules that make academia the way it is), we can dispirit our enemy.

The middle stage is “contestment” — in a war it may be guerrillas ruling a town by night and conventional forces there by day, in politics it is the existence of two different strong networks in the same organization. In academia, this would be having enough conservative faculty to take the rhetorical and tenure fights to as many places as possible. We do not yet have this. But we have momentum on our side and our enemy is strategically stupid — the liberals in academia are blinded by their ideology and cannot see us clearly. Liberal intellectuals are on the defensive, they cannot meaningfully attack us. They operate a liberal conversion machine that cannot hold forever. They know this and fear this. That is why they are hysterical. We have instilled strategic panic in them.

They cannot see clearly and they cannot fight clearly. We are wrestling with a blind stupid hysterical giant.

By combining family values with ideology, Conservatives have made a movement built to last.

4th Generation Conflicts take decades to win. Mao fought for decades, Ho fought for decades, Conservatives have been fighting for decades. And look at all we have achieved.

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