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The temp job is more involved (temporally, not physically or mentally — definitely not mentally at all) than I expected. Hopefully I will be finished with the heavy lifting (figurative and literal) Saturday evening. I apologize to all for the paltry quality of updates, but especially to Joshua, who tagged me.

A Better Place

Schiavo Finale,” by TM Lutas, Flit(tm), 17 June 2005, http://www.snappingturtle.net/jmc/tmblog/archives/005443.html.

TM Lutas on the resolution of the case
Schiavo Finale

I owe myself (and my readers) an honest bit of closure on Teri Schiavo. I was wrong, and the autopsy results (pdf) seems to have closed the book, on the level of damage Teri Schiavo had. I still can’t understand Michael Schiavo and why he chose to act the way he acted. Seeking the additional tests the parents sought prior to letting go would have cost less, salvaged his reputation in an awful lot of people’s eyes and perhaps saved us all from a national circus that should never have happened. His stand against testing and willingness to spend money on lawyers but not on medical tests was the strongest bit of evidence on the parents’ side.

At this point, I hope that she is in a better place and at peace. I hope that the family will look to their own souls as they pray for hers.

Well said.