Gap and Seam China in Pictures

Underneath the Chinese ‘Miracle’ – Photographs,” India-Defence, downloaded 26 June 2005,

Tom Barnett often talks about the “Gap” and the “Seam,” those regions that are either poor and unconnected or trying to climb out of the mud. SriRangan was kind enough to post an album documenting life in Seam and Gap China

“The wealth gap in Urban China.”
“An elderly man taking care of his shoes made out of grass.”
Life on the farm is hard for small children
“This 11 years old girl carries contruction bricks in order to pay for school. She carries 16 bricks each time and the bricks weight 40 kilograms. A mere 34 cents are paid for a 200 meter trip.”

But some offer hope…

“People looking for jobs at a job fair in Shanghai.”

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