Scientology v. Registan

Support Registan,” by Chirol, Coming Anarchy, 2 July 2005,….

Disturbing news from Registan, via Chirol, in its entirety


Webmaster extraordinaire and close friend of ComingAnarchy, Nathan of Registan.met, needs your help. Both Curzon and I have contributed so far. The link has the whole story as well as Asiapundit. Here’s a quick intro:

Rather than recount the whole tale, the past couple months have been extremely uncomfortable. They have included a vicious and nasty verbal attack on me from a Hubbard management consultant, plummet ting morale amongst coworkers (many have left), having my concerns dismissed by my boss, and much more. What really brought it to a head was my boss acting like the staff’s unhappiness and the concerns I brought to her about WISE and ABLE make her a victim of religious persecution. Let’s repeat that. Disagreement equals persecution. I was treated as the root of that persecution because I have shared my criticisms of Scientology with my coworkers. In other words, my negativity infected them–a truly insulting idea not only to me, but to my coworkers, who had plenty of problems without me saying a single word. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was formally thought of as a suppressive person. I certainly felt like I was being treated as one.



For more on the evils of Scientology, or just a good laugh, see the Wikipedia article.


4.3.5 States

Note: This is an excerpt from a draft of my thesis, A Computer Model of National Behavior. The introduction and table of contents are also available

4.3.5 States

The last entity type to consider is states. States emerge from the behavior of nations over places. Like places they are just entities without any methods of their own. Nonetheless, the output of the model should be intelligible and should follow historical patterns if only states and no nation information is displayed. This is because the central thesis of this model is that the behavior of states is actually a side-effect of the behavior of nations.

Nonetheless, the behavior of states is very important. The state level is a great test to see if a nation-based model can predict not just the evolution of nations, but also other activities by other entities. If it does not the argument that other behavior merely emerges out of national behavior is severely undermined.

The structure of the state entity type is kept purposefully simple. The objective in designing it is to ensure that a meaningful and important problem in political science, why states behave in the way they do, can be solved by this model. However, this model is not an all-inclusive attempt to see how parliamentary styles, entrenched bureaucracies, and other details. Though an extended version of this model should be able to explain these behaviors, it is simply out of the scope of this project.

Entity 4 (States)

  • UID
  • Name
  • Power

Figure 10. States Entity

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