Embracing Defeat

"These problems will not be solved
And that’s just the way it is."

Rx, Boys & Girls

"Everything isn’t meant to be okay."

Green Day, American Idiot

After the Second World War, Japan embraced defeat.  Japan’s pre-war goal was to establish an independent economic system immune from the Great Powers, Communism, or other "alien" influences.  However, Japan was unable to overcome America’s might.

So Japan embraced defeat.  Japan no longer looked as America an an Enemy to be fought, but as a force to be harnassed.  Instead of trying the impossible — subduing the world’s leader, Japan entangled herself into America’s political-military world system.  Like the Church in the Roman Empire, Japan positions herself so that her interests became the interests of the powerful.

I once said that if the Enemy was stupid, he wouldn’t be an enemy — he would be an annoyance.  Likewise, if an Enemy is unconquerable, he isn’t an Enemy — he is a fact of nature.  America too has embraced defeat, especially in its attempt to manage her own economy.  America now has embraced defeat — accepted despair — and tries to avoid managing the commanding heights of her economic system.

Of course, embracing defeat against a thinking Enemy is much different than embracing defeat against an unthinking one…  But that is a post for another time…