Measuring the impact of 4GW on the home front

“In this 4th Generation War we are fighting, the American public is as much a target as Marines and Iraqi Security Forces and Iraqi politicians.  While the Marines and Iraqis face bullets and bombs, the American public is targetted by GRPs.

“The Nielson organization uses Gross Ratings Points (GRPs) to measure the reach and frequency of a commercial.

“If each TV news story, newspaper article, etc., is thought of as a commercial about Iraq, the number of ratings points can be arrived at.

“Each report about Iraq can be generally categorized as negative or positive.  The terrorists prefer negative reports, the Coalition prefers positive reports…”

Click on the link for the full analysis. The author of the blog, Faces from the Front, is a former Marine combat cameraman, when he found out his old unit was deploying he arranged to be embedded with them.

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