180 IQ Asians and Teachers of Disabled Children (Toward Strategic Despair on Free Movement of Muslims)

Reviewing Deleted Scenes Part III,” by Mark Safranski, Zen Pundit, 23 October 2004, http://zenpundit.blogspot.com/2004/10/reviewing-deleted-scene-part-iii-to.html (from tdaxp).

The London Bombers,” by Russell Jenkins, Dominic Kennedy, David Lister and Carol Midgley, The Times, 14 July 2005, http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,22989-1693739,00…..

Note: This post is not rhetoric. I do not know the answers to the questions I ask in this article. Caerdroia and others have asked themselves similar questions recently. — tdaxp

A while ago, I approvingly quoted Mark Safranski when he said

Somehow I think we can take precautions to screen out young Islamist males belonging to Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaida without targeting 180 I.Q. Asian physicists and genetic engineers.

How likely is it than a 180 IQ Asian physicist is a suicide bomber?

About as likely as an Asian special ed teacher is a suicide bomber, I would guess

Mohammad Sidique Khan had a trusted job as a primary school teaching assistant working with children from poor and vulnerable families arriving in Britain.

Khan, 30, who ran an Islamic bookshop, was employed as a “learning mentor” in an inner-city district with a high proportion of asylum-seekers, homeless families and battered wives.

His mother-in-law, a highly respected Asian volunteer worker, was invited to Buckingham Palace to be honoured by the Queen for a lifetime of community work, particularly with women.

Khan was one of two learning mentors employed at Hillside Primary School in Beeston, which had such a high turnover that 75 per cent of pupils could change in a year. His task was to liaise with children’s previous schools on their special needs and to assess their learning skills. On their first day at school, children would rely on Khan, who was their official “buddy”. He was given the privileged position of sitting, with the head teacher, through interviews with new families to the area. Many were single mothers, fresh immigrants, refugees or victims of domestic violence.

London Transit Bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan

So what is the point where we have to either crack down on nearly every country in the world or just Muslim countries? Where do we reach such strategic despair that refusing to admit hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims is better than refusing to admit a billion innocent humans?

Closing the borders of The Core to Gap-state Muslims would represent a major strategic win for al Qaeda. But if it stops these terrorist attacks that endanger regular business life in the Core it would still be beneficial to us.

Here’s another way to think about this. I started USD’s Computer Science graduate program mid-year, so I narrowly missed out on being in this class photo

USD Computer Science Graduate Program Photo
Many Indian and Chinese students not shown,
as they work full-time on H1-B visas

Does it hurt the Core more to make it a hassle for these sorts to enter the United States, or making it impossible for foreign Muslim men to enter the United States?

At what point do we reach strategic despair, and seal our borders to this certain class of foreigner?

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  1. That's a toughie. A former co-worker of my mother's is originally from Germany. He earned his PhD from a prominent American school and has lived here for many years doing genetic research and making very good money and in the past couple of years he has become an American citizen. A good example of brain drain and a good American success story. But he is a rabid anti-American. He has said that to know the truth about America you have to read the German media. One night my mother was out to dinner with him and he went on an anti-American rant and she said he was shaking in fury. She was pissed and asked if he could think of anything positive about the US and he said no. And we gave this man the gift of citizenship. If he could slip through the barriers then how do we stop somebody with the same attitudes who is actually willing to commit mass murder from getting in? And yet he is benefiting the US through the research he is performing and the businesses he has worked in. But does that benefit outweigh the harm of his anti-American attitudes? There is definitely a cost for a country like the US that is feeds on the knowledge, drive, hard work and entrepreneurship of immigrants and foreign students. But if there is another attack by foreigners on our soil there will be a crack down and we will have to adapt.

  2. True. I am sorry to hear that. My foreign comrades at USD seemed generally non-political. I wonder if European immigrant-workers are more political? Or just that computer science attracts quiet types?

    If he's just fulminating, it may help America to accet his lot: like a vaccine, a harmless varient of a danger can be healthy to accet into the body.

    But what if the same man could hear people using the name of his religion (or wahtever he cared about) to tell him to kill people — everyday.

    al Qaeda put us in this position. They are smart bastards.

  3. I think the third London-style or Netanya-style bombing, or the first Beslan-style massacre, and it's all over in the US. There is already a significant fraction of the population moving in the direction of distrusting all Muslims.

    It didn't have to be that way – it still doesn't have to be that way. But we need to face this openly. Instead of saying “Islam is a religion of peace”, we need to be saying “Terrorists use Islam as a shield – but they are not Muslims”. And the Muslim immigrant community in particular needs to say that. As long as we are continually told that all Muslims are the same (meaning good), so we must tolerate them and give everywhere, when we come to believe that this cannot be true, or that we cannot give anymore, we are likely to lash out at all Muslims, instead of just working the terrorists all along.

    And what a horrid mess that will be.

    But someday, I'm sure that a President would apologize for the resulting massacres.

  4. Jeff,

    Very insightful.

    A few shootings by trouble white kids and we have a police present in public high schools throughout the land. Once Beslan USA happens, we can expect a military presense (probably National Guard) in schools.

    The outraged consequences of failure are so start that they justify unpleasentries like the Patriot Act. It is better for civil liberties for that law to be on the books but unpopular with elites than for a Beslan, where much, much worse would happen.

    If I disagree with you at all, it is with

    'we need to be saying “Terrorists use Islam as a shield – but they are not Muslims”.'

    We have been saying that. To no avail.

    The fact is that the al Qaeda is just as Islamic as the Klan was Christian: not accepted by many of their fellow believers, condemned but accepted by many others, condemned but admired by yet others.

    Islam is in a civil war that has reached or shores. We have taken stands that decided the fate of religions before: the National Reich Church is illegal in its home, and Shinto was significantly altered under MacArthur. We have to do so again.

  5. It seems that the primary threat comes from young men – that between the forces of great frustration and the urge to great nobility we are likely to be spurned into some kind of action – perhaps any kind of action as we leave the nest and before we come to terms with our life.

    Although the Jim Jones and David Koresh style incidents are rare in the West, it appears that Muslim culture has yet to thoroughly repudiate this kind of thinking. Asian culture too has drained the nobility to such causes.

    If this is the case – then the solution lies within the Muslim culture as we maintain out culture that is able to withstand the shocks. It may be natural to see a rising threat whereas our grief hastens the fuel being spent.

  6. Stuart,

    While Muslim men seem far more dangerous than Muslim women (the Chechen “Black widows” are the exception, not the rule), culture is passed from mother-to-child more than father-to-child. So just accepting female Muslims into the country might delay the attacks a generation, but if this is a multi-generation conflict that won't do us much good. That'd be like something holding out until the mid '60s in the Cold War.

    I do not like this line of thinking, but I can't get away from it.

  7. I heard Tammy Bruce offer a brilliant suggestion this evening… along the lines of:

    If the Muslim religion were serious about repudiating the actions of these people the leaders would decree that those who committed suicide bombing or incited murderous deeds are excommunicated and will suffer the fate of the 'unbeliever' and lose any hope of attaining to heaven.

    Even Mom would think twice about sending her children to suicide school.

  8. Stuart,

    It would be interesting to know how such a statement mixes with Wahab and Salafist theology. In the Catholic Church, saying “If you do X then you go to Hell” is the Sin of Presumption (because God is the just and the merficul). Because of its historic ties to Catholocism, Islam has adopted many Catholic patterns of thought and behavior. So would America encouraging such a “Do X, go to Hell” campaign further isolate us from Muslims generally?

    I don't know.

    As for thinking twice on sending children to suicide school — a free education generally pro-family education is a free education generally pro-family education.

  9. Addendum: And a qualified condemnations (suicide bombing is a in, and God may hold one accountable for it) is little better than what we are offered already by “mainline” Muslim organizations (CAIR, etc).

  10. I don't favor trying to be divisive with Muslims but I think this is simply an honest reaction to those Muslims that say after an 'Islamic' atrocity 'that was terrible, but… [insert some form of justification here]'.

    While we avoid such type of 'judgement' Islam accepts the 'instant martydom' doctrine and should be able to repudiate it with equal authority.

    But then again they seem to be preparing for this line, this last week by AP:

    “al-Qaida militants announced they had killed Egypt's top diplomat in Iraq after kidnapping him and judging him an “apostate” for his country's support of the United States.” …

    During a prayer sermon at Cairo's Sayeda Zainab mosque, Egypt's mufti Ali Gomaa called al-Sherif a “martyr,” saying those who killed him were “thugs” who will “spend eternity in hell.”

  11. Thank you for the comments!

    Can we (a distant enemy) truly win a war of ideas with al Qaeda (a “near” force)?

    Or would a better approach be to exhaust al Qaeda, encourage their evolution into something easier to destroy, and then kill it?

    Do top Islamic clerics have moral authority, or are they seen as government bureaucrats?

    The London bombing has effected me more than I thought it would. The use of British citizens, the use of a special ed teacher, signal very frightening successes for al Qaeda. I have more questions than answers.

    Maybe Mark can comment, but it reminds me of the Punic War where Hannibal was in Italy and the Romans landed in Africa. Maybe this is a war where defense is a losing game, so we are going “there” (spreading connectedness in Iraq) while they are coming “here” (spreading disconnectedness in Britain).

  12. I think as we engage al Qaeda we actually are causing them to show their true colors (as we do ours). This works to our advantage. I am listening to one account on FNN of how the terrorists tried to take advantage of a man's grief to induce him into becoming a suicide bomber. This sort of testament will affect more people than any 'propaganda' from any side.

  13. The question is: Will al Qaeda isolate itself from its roots before it manages a Beslan or similar attack inside the USA?

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