What Winning Looks Like ("The Worst of the Worst")

Democratic Disarray in the Senate,” by Ken Blanchard, South Dakota Politics, 15 July 2005, http://southdakotapolitics.blogs.com/south_dakota_politics/2005/week28/index.html#a0005605559.

South Dakota Politics jumps on the tdaxp “Republicans Won the Filibuster War” bandwagon


As the White House comes closer to a nomination, the Democratic Senate appears in near-total disarray. Conflicting statements from Democratic leaders appear to be ferocious one day and fawning the next. What is clear is that there is a dangerous and growing disconnect between Democratic leaders and their base. . . . [S]ince the fight over the filibuster rule, shifting Democratic positions have been not just inexplicable but incoherent.


If Turley’s portrait is to be trusted, and he is after all a fellow Scot, two things are clear. One is the SouthDakotaPolitics was right to argue, against the wisdom of most conservative blogs, that the filibuster deal was strategic victory for Frist’s Republicans.


Seven Democratic senators agreed to a proposal that protected the right of the filibuster while allowing some candidates to be confirmed. The result was a disaster for the Democrats. To this day, most people cannot figure out what the Democrats got from the deal. The four candidates that the Democrats had vowed to filibuster as the previously deemed “worst of the worst” were allowed to be confirmed, while the Democrats promised (according to some of the signatories) not to filibuster any nominee on the basis of ideology. At the time, Minority Leader Harry Reid heartily praised the deal and the dealmakers for a masterful and historic agreement. Now, the Democrats are facing either a breach of the agreement by voting on the basis of ideology or a vote with Republicans to prevent a filibuster under the prior agreement.


In case you are wondering, that’s what winning looks like.

The second thing is that the Thune organization, and South Dakota Republicans in general, did more than just beat a powerful Senate incumbent in the last election. They crippled the Senate Democratic leadership at a key moment in the Bush presidency [a good example of node takedown — tdaxp]. It seems almost certain that Bush will get at least two SCOTUS appointments, and perhaps as many as four. Not bad work.


Daschle’s job was to waste everyone’s time — to slow down the collapse of the ancien regime. He succeeded.

But the correlation of forces is against the no-change center-leftists who run the Senate Democrats, and the random-change far-leftists who run MoveOn and other groups.

Other groups are winning, instead.

The speed of policies in American politics is not known.  But their direction is.

The Songs

Partially inspired by my response to Josh’s game of blog book tag, the five tracks that have been playing in my mind recently:



Track: Say Valley Maker
Album: A River Ain’t Too Much To Love
Artist: (smog)
Description: An ex-Chicagoan writes Songs for the South
Outstanding lyric
With the grace of a corpse
In a riptide
I let go



Track: Parabol / Parabola
Album: Lateralus
Artist: Tool
Description: Rennes-le-Chateau mythos, before the DaVinci Code
Outstanding lyrics
This body holding me,
Be my reminder here
That I am not alone



Track: Black Lines
Album: Minor Shadows
Artist: 1 Mile North
Description: The band’s mission it to write the soundtrack for The Good Earth Trilogy, apparently.
Outstanding lyric
Fucking two years, two years, I’ve had this fucking kid.
Two fucking years. Two schools I’ve pulled him out of.



Track: Holiday
Album: American Idiot
Artist: Green Day:
Description: I’m shocked, shocked, shocked at allegations that I listen to Green Day out of pro-Bush triumphalism.
Outstanding lyric
I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies
This is the dawning of the rest of our lives



Track: KGBtv
Album: Dick is a Killer
Artist: Rx
Description: Politics. Remixed. (Triumphalism? Shocked! Shocked!)
Outstanding lyric
French President Jacque Chirac was captured nine days ago on vacation in Florida.
Get this: Jacque Chirac is behind bin Laden.

Karl Rove and Bloggers Stand Up to Joe Wilson’s Coup

The Real News About Karl Rove,” by Mark Safranski, ZenPundit, 14 July 2005, http://zenpundit.blogspot.com/2005/07/real-news-about-karl-rove-i-feel.html.

Mark Safranski on how and the MSM failed in their political “coup”:


Karl Rove is a brilliant bare-knuckle political operator and no saint but the likeliest legal outcome of this charade is that he did not, at least technically speaking, break the law by ” outing” a CIA clandestine officer engaged in covert operations, which Ms. Plame was not in any event. Given the unlikelihood of Judith Miller doing hard time for Mr. Rove, he’s obviously not ” the” source, though I can imagine he walked right up to any legal line in speaking to reporters. That’s how hardball is played in Washington and hardball is what the incredibly arrogant Joseph Wilson chose to play when the senior staff at Foggy Bottom and at Langely cooked up this gambit in order to torpedo the President’s foreign policy and, if they were really lucky, the President along with it.

In some countries, when the unelected insiders engage in secret machinations to oust their elected leaders it is called a coup.

Too strong a word ? Admiral Stansfield Turner, the Left’s favorite CIA director and no fan of the Bush administration, felt compelled to speak out in support of housecleaning at Langely:


“The CIA has got to be kept out of partisan politics,” said Stansfield Turner, who was CIA director under President Carter. “And it appears that they were leaking information to influence the election. Porter Goss has now got a difficult problem.”


The coup failed because the old oligopoly on public discourse of three major TV networks and two newspapers is broken. Would-be drumbeats orchestrated by elite powerbrokers through their media friends now dissolve into a cacophony of fact-checking, fisking, ridicule and a devastating counterattack if any chicanery is exposed. Chicanery that once would never have been detected, much less thwarted.


Thank you, . And thank you, new media.

How I Solved: Visual Basic Editor could not be loaded. There may not be enough free memory to load the libraries or files may have been deleted or moved from their originally installed locations

OFF98: Visual Basic Error Messages When You Start Office Program or Visual Basic Editor, or Run a Macro,” by Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Knowledge Base, 31 October 2003, http://www.kbalertz.com/kb_272347.aspx.

An old Macintosh OS 8 / MacOS9 computer, running Microsoft Word 98, recently gave this error message


Visual Basic Editor could not be loaded. There may not be enough free memory to load the libraries or files may have been deleted or moved from their originally installed locations.


I never have this problem on my main computer, because I run OpenOffice. But some people have to use MS Office, and it was bad when it said this every time Microsoft Word was opened.

I tried to uninstall MS Office and then reinstall, but that didn’t help. I tried uninstalling, deleting the program folder, and reinstalling. That didn’t help. I even tried uninstalling, running MS Office directly off the CD, and reinstalling. Even that didn’t help!

Finally, I found the solution, which is called “Method 1: The PPC Registration Database Is Missing or Damaged

The explanation is:


The PPC Registration Database (located in the Preferences folder) is required in order for Word to start. To reinstall the PPC Registration Database file, First Run Install (FRI) must be invoked. To do that, you must delete a few extension files. All files that are deleted in the following steps are then reinstalled during FRI.


The steps are:


1. Quit all open programs.

2. Open the Extensions folder, which is in the System folder, located on the hard disk drive.

3. Select each of the following four extensions. For each extension, click Move to the Trash on the File menu: • Microsoft Component Library • Microsoft OLE Automation • Microsoft OLE Library • Microsoft Structured Storage

4. Open the Preferences folder, which is in the System folder. Select each of the following two files. For each file, click Move to the Trash on the File menu: • Embedding Preferences • PPC Registration Database

5. Close all folders, and start one of the Office 98 programs. This automatically invokes the First Run Install (FRI) feature, because of the missing extensions. The FRI installation inserts a fresh copy of the removed, or damaged, files. It also replaces any earlier versions of the files that were installed or created during the initial FRI installation. This only takes a moment to complete.


In other words:


  1. Close all programs
  2. Delete Harddisk / System Folder / Microsoft Component Library
  3. Delete Harddisk / System Folder / Microsoft OLE Automation
  4. Delete Harddisk / System Folder / Microsoft OLE Library
  5. Delete Harddisk / System Folder / Microsoft Structured Storage
  6. Delete Harddisk / Preferences / Embedding Preferences
  7. Delete Harddisk / Preferences / PPC Registration Database
  8. Close all windows
  9. Run Microsoft Word!


And now it works!

Anti-tdaxp Extremism at "Norwegianity" blog

Make love, not war,” by MG, Norwegianity, 15 July 2005, http://norwegianity.com/blog/index.php?id=2039.

Fellow-blogger MG takes a stand… against tdaxp!




“Just how freaking DUMB is the hard right? This dumb.”


The article in question — Karl Rove and Bloggers Stand Up to Joe Wilson’s Coup, was an excerpt by a longer piece from Mark on the evolution of three-way political-power networks in the Untied States. It was, like everything else Mark writes, genius. But what about the other links MG presents? Do they also demonstrate dumbthenitude? Let’s take a look


  • 180 IQ Asians and Teachers of Disabled Children
    Synopsis: For a long-time “180 IQ Asians” have been used as examples of immigrants that are unfairly detoured by Homeland Security policy. Yet one of the London bombers was a special ed instructor — an equally “friendly and harmless” sort of person. So what is the solution? After laying out some options, I confess to confusion.
    Smartness Quotient: 9 / 10. Would be higher if a definite conclusion was reached.
  • Have the jihadists gone too far?
    Synopsis: Not written by me, this was Phil’s look at possible self-isolating behavior among our Enemy. An extremely good post.
    Smartness Quotient: 10 / 10.
  • Girls of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2005
    Synopsis: Girls. Pretty. Really pretty.
    Smartness Quotient: 0 / 10
  • Like Dogs or Escapees
    : Several al-Qaeda suspects escaped from a supposedly maximum-security US prison outside of Kabul, Afghanistan. I proposed looking at escapism as the opposite type of error from the actions at Abu Gharib. Was it safer for America, I wonder, to keep suspects in terrible conditions where they cannot escape or comfortable conditions where they can? Like the 180 IQ post, no firm answer was reached.
    Smartness Quotient: 6 / 10
  • Hot Asian Girl Advertisement for Martyrdom
    Synopsis. Girls. Pretty. Really pretty. But not as pretty as in the Auto Salon.
    Smartness Quotient: -1 / 10.


So, taking Mark and Phil’s work as 10 out of 10 each, we see that the Average Smartness Quotient (ASQ) for the stories mentioned is

((10 + 9 + 10 + 0 + 6 + -1) / 6) / 10 =
34 / 6 / 10 =
5.67 / 10

Is 56.7% smartness “dumb,” let alone “DUMB”?

As Dean Barret might say, a .500 batting average is nothing to sneeze at in any league.

Therefore, if .500 is “nothing to sneeze at”, then tdaxp’s .567 score is freakin’ awesome