HIV AIDS Case by Exposure Category, SD & USA

South Dakota HIV/AIDS: Mid Year Surveillance Report,” South Dakota Department of Health, July 2005, pg 3.

Internet, meth double HIV rate in S. Dakota,” by Corrine Olson, Sioux Falls Argus Leader, 16 July 2005,
HIV is increasing in South Dakota, the Internet?



Intravenous use of methamphetamine and people hooking up with anonymous sex partners on the Internet have doubled the HIV rate in South Dakota, worrying health officials.



If the Argus is blaming an electronic communication medium, why they don’t blame roads, a physical communication medium, is beyond me.



Kightlinger said some people also view the disease as one that infects only gay people. Since 2002 in South Dakota, 37 percent of cases have been from heterosexual contact, primarily women exposed by a partner.

Cheryl O’Brien, the Sioux Falls School District’s coordinator for high school curriculum, said the district is trying to educate young people about the dangers of the virus and how to avoid contracting HIV and AIDS.



Well, as homosexualism and illegal needle drugs together account for 65% of HIV/AIDS cases in South Dakota, and 75% naturally, avoiding just two activities would cause the infection rate to plunge…


We can effectively end injection drug use as a vector for HIV / AIDS by ending the drug war.


Anyway, just remember: there are no innocent victims of homosexualism



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  1. You state that there are no innocent victims of homosexualism. I would disagree. Rape does occur among homosexuals and those who are raped that way (whether they are homosexual, heterosexual, or just pre-pubescent kids) and get AIDS are properly viewed as innocent.

    I wonder how many of those MSM cases are prison rape victims? I wonder how many of the heterosexual cases are caused by rape?

  2. Indeed, I disagree as well. By obscuring all HIV cases except hemophilia, transfusion, and mother-child, I wished to underscore the emptiness of that point. So we agree.

    As for what fraction are prison rapes, I'm not sure. South Dakota arguably has the worst penitentary system in the country, but that would cut both ways statistically (less iname healthcare means less inmate diagnoses).

    My guess would be the number is relatively low: prisonors make poor vectors (confined to a certain geographic area), while homosexualists make perfect vectors (very promiscuous).

  3. All this discussion is totally irrelevant, as HIV has never been discovered in the fresh blood of a human being. All theories of “transmission” of AIDS are STILL in the hypothesis stage. Conspicuous anomalies include: prostitutes rarely get AIDS, as do needle-stick injury-prone emergency workers, porn stars etc. John Holmes died of AIDS, *after* he had sex with 14,000 women, many of them repeatedly and anally and all of them without condoms. He was a helpless heroin addict, and his immune system bottomed out – that's headline news for you. After 25 years, a communicable disease surely would have spread into normal every day society by now.

    And may I add: drug use and homosexuality surveys are very skewed. As these are behavoirs ostracized by society, many of the respondents will lie.

  4. Of course the theories of “transmission” of AIDS are STILL in the hypothesis stage. Conspicuous anomalies include: prostitutes rarely get AIDS, as do needle-stick injury-prone emergency workers, porn stars etc.

  5. There are innocent people who are infected with this fatal disease. Whether born with the virus or raped or infected through blood transfusion in health facilities, these people areall innocent and should not be discriminated.
    The cases of contracting it through consensual sexual contact without protection, is a big difference because the information and advice has been and still is broadcasted worldwide so there is no one that can say they have no idea what Human Immunodeficiency Virus or Acute Immune Defiency Syndrome is.

  6. Heirabbit,

    I talked a little about the apparent reasonableness of HIV conspiracy theories [1] in my series, Evolutionary Cognitivism [2]. It comes down to this: humans are not genetically equal and viruses are very, very small.

    Your concerns about the reliability of self-reports are valid. I found something similar when asking whether or not people will punish. [3]


    Your comment's pretty similar to heirabbit's, no? Are you a bot? 🙂


    I'm very sympathetic to your post. It leads into a broader question of how fair insurance is, because so much of one's death-risk is genetic.


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