"Faith"-based Hatefulness

Re: Rotten,” by Cliff May, The Corner, 16 July 2005, http://corner.nationalreview.com/05_07_10_corner-archive.asp#069751.

Responding to news that one of Senator Santorum’s aides had his privacy violated by a homosexualist “outer”…


Many people on the left strongly object to the “lifestyle choice” of working for a Republican senator.

It’s against their religion.

So they respond by exposing, attacking and attempting to humiliate those they find objectionable – those who are different from them, those whose behavior they can’t understand.

They believe the government should stay out of their bedrooms. They also believe they have the right to invade the bedrooms of anyone they choose.

Again, this is part of the faith of those on the irreligious left.


Why the man was attacked is obvious: radical homosexualists hope that by destroying any “middle ground,” they can radicalize a population a la Lenin.

But the greatest criticism of Cliff May’s post is that religion in America is rarely so cruel.

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