Minor tdaxp Redesign

In celebration / response to the facts that

  • I now have a “magnum opus
  • Chad and Seth of CCK are busy redesigning their own site
  • I spent Sunday drinking with a Friend of W, which was delightful beyond all get-out
  • Curzon is busy living my dream,
  • and The Metropolis Times already did it

I “redesigned” tdaxp by replacing the text “tdaxp: the experience” with the graphic that should be on top right now. (If it has been replaced by the time you read this, it used to look like: 



Besides making the tdaxp icon larger, the new banner also incorporates

So what has my tweaking broken?

3 thoughts on “Minor tdaxp Redesign”

  1. Unless blogspirit significantly improves, tdaxp.com should be up before I leave for UNL on August 15th. The horrid editor, the crippled “API,” the fact that I cannot use the web interface to change a blogroll link without resetting all of my changes, etc, are finally too much.

    I'll transition all the stories and comments over, so nothing will be lost. It should go pretty smoothly.

    I'm also working on an rss-fed SD “blog” that maybe will launch at the same time.

    What's the best web hosting service?

  2. A delightful pun on AmericaBlog's motto: “because a great nation deserves the Truth”

    lol, perhaps your new motto provides an unintentional warning about the posts therin?

    I like GoDaddy.com as a webhost the best.

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