To: "Just Say No" Democrats; From: American People; Subject: "We Don’t Like You"

It’s not just George McGovern the American people dislike

Liberalism: Not Popular

Liberal Democrat (if, like George McGovern, heroic veteran) Paul Hackett has lost to Republican Jean Schmidt. Schmidt’s predecessor, Rob Portman, is now President Bush’s Trade Representative.

The election was interesting to South Dakotans because our leftwing blogs shut down to elect an Ohioan Democrat. (As someone who volunteered in Iowa, I am shocked!) What can I say? I’m happy it didn’t work out for them.

Not that such comments will stop instarevisionism

New Ohio Democratic superstar Paul Hackett went into the lion’s den of pure Red Southern Ohio and scared the pants off of the GOP losing by less than 4 points in the face of a NRCC promise to “bury him.”

No spin – the GOP is on the run.

Congratulations to Southern Ohio Democrats, the Lefty blogs, especially Swing State Project, and Dems everywhere. We have delivered a lesson – Fighting Dems will win the day.

On to 2006, when we take back the Congress.

If Democrats keep “winning” like this, looks like easy days ahead for us Righists. 🙂

Not that the rank and file believe that

The very first comment on Daily Kos began…


Miscellaneous updates

Today evaporated in unfinished code optimization for Jim River Reports, a Greencine online-rented dvd viewing of

House of Flying Daggers

plus being dragooned into the enjoyable National Treasure.

And some blogosphere reading:

Josh from OFK has some insightful thoughts on President Bush’s recess appointment of John Bolton for U.N. Ambassador.

The problem is that Options 1 and 3 could mean a real weakening of U.S. interests at the United Nations, with every word from Bolton facing colonoscopic scrutiny in the media and Congress. In such a climate, Bolton will find himself under debilitating restraint when deciding whether to call for the resignation of corrupt U.N. officials, block potential Security Council memberships, or call for sanctions against Iran and North Korea. If Bolton enters the stage with incendiary flourish, it’s likely a sign that he’s contemplating accomplishing much in the year before he departs for the Great Think Tank in the Sky.

And before Bush nominates Rudy Giuliani to replace him.

All the more reason for Kim Jong Il to take a pragmatic view of the talks in Beijing.

John Robb notes the pragmatic nature of 4th Generation Warriors in Iraq

“Am I here to make social change so women can smoke cigarettes and drive cars? No.” said Becker. “We’re here to provide security and build infrastructure and a democratic society.”

From the comments, apparently, it’s working.

The decreasingly interesting Bitch PhD may be a bitch, may be a PhD, but she also misses the point

The bottom line about abortion is this. Do you trust women to make their own moral judgments? If you are anti-abortion, then no. You do not. You have an absolute moral position that you don’t trust anyone to question, and therefore you think that abortion should be illegal. But the second you start making exceptions for rape or incest, you are indicating that your moral position is not absolute. That moral judgment is involved. And that right there is where I start to get angry and frustrated, because unless you have an absolute position that all human life (arguably, all life period, but that isn’t the argument I’m engaging with right now) are equally valuable (in which case, no exceptions for the death penalty, and I expect you to agonize over women who die trying to abort, and I also expect you to work your ass off making this a more just world in which women don’t have to choose abortions, but this is also not the argument I’m engaging right now), then there is no ground whatsoever for saying that there should be laws or limitations on abortion other than that you do not trust women. I am completely serious about this.

No, it’s about criminalizing the dismemberment murder of child. If we “trusted” everyone not to murder, then why bother will capital offense laws at all?

Bitch. Poor rhetoritician.

Let no one say tdaxp is impolite.

Curtis Gale Weeks at Phatic Communion has a brilliant article on 5GW that makes me think

The disenfranchised (whether by self-determination or by exterior exclusion), the subcultural or countercultural elements, the criminals and hermits of a society, are likely to be the canaries in the mine: A 5GW force will use the weight of the dominant segment(s) of society against that society and not waste effort on the seemingly powerless members of that society, and the oddball elements of a society are more likely to be sensitive to changes in the majority opinion than those who hold the majority opinion. (I’m not excluding the 5GW potential for using criminal elements and homeland terrorists against a society, however.)

The National Journal picks up South Dakota/Nebraska blogger Ryne McClaren

Robert Novak’s 7/30 column essentially adds little to the SD blog controversies, but liberal SD Watch relates a phone conversation with one of Novak’s reporter: “The Novakista didn’t know who [one anonymous blogger was but knew of him. He wanted me to spill the beans. … My lips are sealed. … So, I upheld the leftyosphere’s vow of omerta. Novak Researcher Dude also thought I was a former Daschle staffer. I am not, just a friend and supporter who did a very small amount of legal work for the campaign committee much prior to the election.” A few pro-Daschle bloggers self-outed before the Novak column was published, which only names 1 and doesn’t say which blog he wrote. Conservative Ryne McClaren comments on the outings: “Now here’s my question: If you start a blog, wouldn’t it just be a hell of a lot easier to start signing your name to your posts on Day 1?


Mark reprises his Ann Landers impression (or is it of Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani?).

Interesting comments here at tdaxp today on pedophilia, static noise in SecretWar, and the purpose of the Congress.

Slashdot reports on a bad part of CAFTA (Battle Panda knew first), scurrilous anti-Microsoft myths, and amazingly awesome news from Skype