Weapon of the Jesus (Hong Kong Student Essay)

A horrifyingly realistic essay from one of Hong Kong’s most vivid writers (hat-tip JY):




Last weekend, At a department store, I went to “SOGO” to bought some seafood. When I arrived “SOGO” and open the door, a a girl said “” then I was very angry and I kick her, but she never dead!! After that, I saw a policemen want to caught me, then I ran into the lift and saw a lifewomen, she asked me “” (this mean “”) then I took out my AK-47 to kill her, and she routed, “RRRRRRRR!!” After few mins, the lift door don’t open, and I saw the ghost ofthe liftwomen. But I’m not afraid, because I’m a wizard (), I used my magic to kill the ghost!! But she is colourless, then I used my “Real Eye” to look for the ghost. And I used my dark power took it to the hell, then the lift’s door. open!!

I saw a monster had a big ass, and I used the laster point make his eye blind, and then, I used the MP-V-to attack him, but he used his ass to ate my attack, he is very strong, metal cannot kill him. Then I thought out the “Weapon of the Jesu”, it’s “KK” (), and I shouted “,!!” Then I kill his ass, and he ranaway. A “SOGO” gave me many money, I was very happy. But when I went home, I find the money is “Hell Bank Note”!! I was very angry, then I used a atomic bomb to kill myself and the other people in H.K.!!

Sadly, none of the papers I’ve graded teaches approached this in awesomeness

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  1. A piece of this is missing. There should be a page where a fish says to him, “Don’t took my eye. It blind. Don’t took my leg. It unreal leg.”

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