417th Top Blog in the World is tdaxp!

tdaxp is the 417th most popular blog in the world!

… at least, according to Feedster Top 500


Shockingly, somehow tdaxp came out ahead of

I mean, Vodka Pundit, a blog by the Vice Chairman of GM, even The New England Journal of Medicine.

Fricken sweet

Of course, then the reality of the power law hits me..


Fricken awful

7 thoughts on “417th Top Blog in the World is tdaxp!”

  1. That tdaxp, which specializes in hysterical right-wing pseudo-punditry, even approaches the magnificent Simon World is beyond comprehension. There's no better blog on HK or China that your World, Simon.

    Mark, phaticcommunion.com and your ZenPundit are rapidly closing the 5GGap. And as to attractive girls….


  2. Dang Man – – shrink your logo to 50/50 and get back there and replace the “blogspirit” thing!!!! I'm IMPRESSED!! – working on a rebuild myself. Hope to let you see it soon.

  3. Thank you everyone for the kind words. Apparenty, attractive girls + asymmetric strategy = blogospheric success 😉

    I think Stuart's right about the limits of success in the contemporary blogosphere. Chris Bowers of MyDD — the greatest strategist blogger for partisan politics — recently had to ask for donations to buy a laptop. Between blogging and writing for a real national magazine (National Review / The Corner), John Derbyshire makes 30k (he released his tax return for an NRO fundraiser); between that and his savings from a previous job, he supports a family on that.

    I am so, so, so lucky to have people I respect so much (Stuart, Mark, CYC of CA, Phil, everyone else!!!!!!) reading.

    I'm looking forward to the new wordpark Chrys! I tried to change the logo, but flickr's editing page must be on the fritz. *sigh*

    Mark, I don't think it can decline farther than it has over the past week. 🙂 I have never been more social and I cannot remembering being happier than this week. And the goodness has been so special and unique. I can't even describe it.

  4. Aaron,

    I'm not sure how your comment relates to the post. Are you upset they did not roll-back FDR error inflationary economic policies? Or FDR-era materialization of Americna culture?

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