Varieties of Catholicism from the Byzantine Rite Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Lincoln, Nebraska

Frequently Asked Questions,” St. George, St. Joseph & Assumption of the BVM UCCs, downloaded 20 August 2005,

How many Eastern Catholic Churches and Rites are there?

There are eight rites in the Catholic Church and twenty-two Churches:

In the Roman Rite there is the Latin Church. Within the Latin Church there are sub-rites that include the Anglican Use, Ambrosian, Bragan, Carmelite, Carthusian, Dominican, Mozarabic and Tridentine.

In the Armenian Rite there is the Armenian Church.

In the Byzantine Rite there is the Italo-Albanian Church, Melkite Church, Ukrainian Church, Ruthenian Church, Romanian Church, Greek Church in Greece, Greek Church of Former Yugoslavia, Bulgarian Church, Slovak Church, Hungarian Church, Russian Church, Belarussian Church and the Albanian Church.

In the Alexandrian Rite there is the Coptic Church.

In the Maronite Rite there is the Maronite Church.

In the East Syrian Rite there is the Chaldean Church and Syro-Malabar Church.

In the West Syrian or Antiochene Rite there is the Malankar Church and the Syrian Church.

In the Abyssinian Rite there is the Ethiopian Church.