An Unfinished Novel By a Rising New American Blogger-Novelist

An excerpt from chapter 23

Bree, Anthony, and Alby arrived at the hospital around ten o’clock in the morning, and they found Paul sitting by Lila’s bed. There were no parents, aunts, uncles, or cousins in the vicinity; it was just Paul and Lila, alone in the tiny private room.

She had deflated somewhat, but not all the way. Her hair was pulled back, and she looked older, almost her own age.

“I invited Alby for breakfast the other day,” Anthony said, anticipating Paul’s question. Except, that morning, Paul didn’t look like he wanted to ask anybody anything.

“How’s it going?” Anthony asked, moving closer to Lila’s bed.

“Tired,” she answered. “Lots of painkillers.”

“So let’s let you sleep,” Bree said.

“There is no sleeping.” She closed her eyes for moment as if she was trying to regain her sense of reality – although, Alby reminded herself, it wasn’t like she ever had one in the first place. “You should see the babies. They’re in incubators down the hall.”

“I’m amazed you can say ‘incubators’. What’d you name them?”

“The incubators?”

“Your children.”

“Aradia, Brigid, Cerridywn, and Diana. I’ll put that on the birth certificates when I’m feeling more sane tomorrow.”

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