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  1. Good photos. In the second picture there is a red brick building with a gold dome, that’s the old Fireman’s Insurance building. One of Washington’s many beautiful old late 19th century early 20th century buildings. It now has a Starbucks at ground level. It’s at 7th street just above Pennsylvania Ave. not too far away from the National Archives and the National Gallery of Art and across the street from the Navy Memorial which is where the pictures are taken from. The Navy Memorial has a life-sized statue of a sailor with his sea bag so it’s a good photo op if your into that kind of thing. About one block north at D St. and 7th is the Bead Museum (I’ve never been there but I have always intended to go, I mean who knew there was a museum for beads?) and if you keep going up 7th street there is the Landsburg Theatre where you’ll find some Shakespeare and other great plays and across the street is the building where Clara Barton ran the Missing Soldiers Bureau during the Civil War and where recently while renovating the building they found old documents from the war. A few blocks north is China town and a few blocks west is Ford’s Theatre where Lincoln was shot. Sorry for rambling, I got a little carried away. DC is a fun city to explore…

  2. DC is a fun city to explore. As long as you stay close to the Metro areas you’re pretty safe. I’m staying in the NE sector in Brookland or “Little Rome.” Since there are a lot of tress along the sides of the road it has its own nice atmosphere and its easy to forget that one is in such a large city. The satellite photos don’t do Brookland any justice.
    As for my current internship, I have a meeting with the overall boss of interns concerning if I can get work that challenges me or even a transfer. Writing down other’s website ideas into a pre-made Word Document so someone else may actually make the webpage is not very fun considering what I CAN do but not allowed to.

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