Are You Tired of Open Source Jews? (Spread Internet Explorer)

Are you tired of usability?
Are you tired of customization?
Are you tired of open source Jews?
Then you Need Internet Explorer
… Or are you a Dirty Red Communist?
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Hey y’all,

Seems like some of y’all didn’t like my last post. Couldn’t quite work it out really as you were using lots of big city words!

So anyhows, I was on the Interwhatnot yesterday looking for a new gun to shoot bears, terrorists, thieves and hippies with. I noticed that there was a picture of a Fox on that there site and since I like shooting stuff I thought it might link to a site that sold some guns to shoot foxes with.

I clicked on it and was taken to an evil hacker site suggesting I download another web browser! As there are no other web browsers, clearly this was a plea from those evil virus writing hippy hackers to get the me to download one of their evil programs that would make my 16 kids set up a hippy commune!

Watch out! I wouldn’t want someone else falling in to the same trap!

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