Tridentine Indult Latin Mass Roman Catholic Churches of Lincoln, Nebraska

Listing of Latin Mass Churches and Communities in the USA and Canada,” compiled by
Mater Dei Latin Mass Community, Mater Dei, 23 September 2005,

From a friend, not independently verified (yet):

Address: 555 South 70th Street, 68510
Diocese: Lincoln
Mass Time – Sun: 11:30 AM.
Mass Time – Tue: 9:00 AM.
Mass Time – Sat: 9:00 AM.

Address: 1145 South St., 68502
Diocese: Lincoln
Mass Time – Sun: 10:00 AM.
Mass Time – Mon: 7:15 AM.
Mass Time – Tue: 7:15 AM.
Mass Time – Wed: 7:15 AM.
Mass Time – Thu: 7:15 AM.
Mass Time – Fri: 7:15 AM.
Mass Time – Sat: 7:15 AM.
Contact : Fr. Karl Pincus, FSSPs
~~~~ Fr. Chad Ripperger FSSPs
~~~~ 3400 South 17th Streets
~~~~ Lincoln, NEs
~~~~ 68502
Pho (402) 477-5145
Fax (402) 477-5159

11 thoughts on “Tridentine Indult Latin Mass Roman Catholic Churches of Lincoln, Nebraska”

  1. Oh, isn't that nice. You have mass in Latin in Nebraska. Ahhh

    In DC I have the option of English, Latin, Greek, Ethopian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Chinese, and Hindi all in my neighborhood! Muhahahaha!

  2. Or what about barrio gangsta Spanglish, the dialect that President Polk used in his first State of the Union address, when he threatened to simultaneously invade Mexico and Canada?

    “Let'th do this thing, chico. Viva America, beetchuez!”

  3. Just got back from the 10:00 AM Latin Mass at Saint Francis. Relatively hardcore, very enjoyable. Lasted 90 minutes. A lot of elements in vernacular mass which seem just to be there (altar boys, for example) actually do stuff. It seemd more “real.”

    Immediately afterwards I was invited to the basement for coffee and rolls by super-friendly fellow Catholic. Would have accepted, except quite hungry for Wendy's junior bacon cheeseburger.

  4. Recent intelligence reports say that Nebraskan Latin Mass Catholics may be in league with Catholic Dawa's main enemy- Catholic Baath. Procede with caution.

  5. Excellent. Maybe I was thinking Catholic Baathists in Minnesota. Dang blue state, blue plate “Catholics”

  6. The Tridentine Mass(es) in Nebraska are wonderful. i have been searching for more, religious orders too, in other states. His Eminence Burkerwicz(?) is doing a wonderful job. i am a believer in the Latin Rite mass as it has a more correct attitude about worship and about justice. i think that one of the agendas it shows is that there is only one JESUS, and that people who think that they are even close to that kind of purity and holiness are wrong. It seems we try to justify the evil in this world by refraining from our responsibility to stand up to it. Not evil for evil as JESUS teaches to love our enemies, but to stand up and protect Jesus rights through action, not necessarily force, guns, etc. but certainly not through such a pacifast attitude as to give others the edge over goodness. Jesus did clear all the boarish people from His Temple, although it made some of them dislike Him. Anyway i think that the Roman Catholic Latin Rite does, indeed, teach the true, vere, Catholic Religion. After all our God is the Trinity, and this does not go along with many other religions that some places want to have prayer with. That good old one way religion, that is any thing one likes, and this is wrong.,

  7. Mother Henrie, thanks for the impressions!

    One of the strengths of the Universal Church is its seperation between use, rite, and doctrine. All Catholics are united in one true Church under the true doctrine, while of course different languages, different uses, and even different rites help connect us with our God.

  8. The times at St Francis are incorrect. Mass is M-F at 7am. Saturday is 7 and 8 AM. Sunday is 8:30 (Low) and 10am (High).

    Wonderful services, all of them.

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