Welcome to Blogspirit and the 4GWosphere, Jason!

Jason, an online friend and one of the guys behind South Dakota Politics, has started a blogspirit blog to chronicle his research into the American Indian Movement. I found him when he linked to my article on 4GW and Mao, where he commented:

Thus the question, Can 4GW apply to the tactics used by AIM? AIM may have been trying to start a type of 4GW conflict, which uses civilians as “warriors.” 4GW’s purpose is to destroy the enemy’s will, not his ability to fight. Proactive attacks and outrages are designed to create sympathy for the warriors.

He posts at a perfect time, as Younghusband tries to answer similar questions about the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Jason, welcome to Blogspirit and the 4GW blog community! Don’t forget to cheak out ZenPundit, especially his articles on Thinking (I, II, III), Defense in the National Interest, Global Guerrillas, New Persuasion, Organic Warfare, Phatic Communion, or me on Christian 4GFaith (I, II, III), anti-Iraqis, Christian Conservatives, and Neocons, PISRR, the generations of war, and 5GW.

Plus, he loves Piled Higher & Deeper!

Long live aimlog, Thesis Writing in Progress!